Bank of America: Victims of Check Fraud Will Be Arrested

This story is beyond disturbing. How the hell can you run a bank if you let things like this happen?

Some dude apparently sold a bike on Craigslist and got paid with a odd looking check. When he went to cash it in at his local Bank of America branch he asked the teller to see if it is legit. The teller called police, and the guy was held at gunpoint, thrown on the floor, cuffed, thrown into jail and then release at a hefty bail. All of this because he was given a phony check by some internet fraudster.

If you have a BoA account, you probably should cancel it and move to a different bank which will not treat you like a criminal. If you do, remember to send Mark Frauenfelder at Boingboing an email – he is keeping a tally of how much money the bank is loosing because of this incident.

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4 Responses to Bank of America: Victims of Check Fraud Will Be Arrested

  1. OMFG… I just started a BoA account and I *WISH* they would be that extreem at my bank…
    I went in to start an account… and i only had my school ID and SSN… and i forgot my Licence and Passport (the 2 that they accept) and I told her “ill brb i need to go get my Licence and Passport” shes like “oh its ok… Your School ID will do.. i trust you”
    Its like.. .I don’t WANT you to trust me honestly! I mean someone can easly make a school ID and if they had my SSN could they do the same thing?

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I’m guessing that they can be more lenient when you open an account and give them your money. They will probably be much more stricter about identification when you try to take the money out :P

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  3. Aye, but still after the accounts open i can do anything.

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  4. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    It all depends on where you go, I guess. In some places the security is lax, wile in others they go crazy overboard with it.

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