Peter Jackson is not doing The Hobbit

Peter Jackson said he will not be involved in the production of The Hobbit. Apparently PJ did not want to commit to do the movie until his lawsuit against New Line is resolved. He was offered a settlement in exchange for his commitment to the project but he resented the use of the movie as a bargaining chip and he refused. Consequently, the studio told him to suck it, and decided to get someone else.

As the end result, I don’t know if The Hobbit will be even remotely watchable. With Jackson a the wheel we knew that we could expect the same amount of awesome as in the LOTR trilogy. Will his replacement stay true to PJ’s vision? Will he stay true to the book?

If you read the article, they also mention a LOTR prequel that is distinct from The Hobbit. For me that looks like a big can of WTF just waiting to happen. What would be the content of this prequel? Which Tolkien stories will they base it on? I sure hope they are not planning to write some original content loosely based on Middle Earth history and wrap it up in LOTR branding. That would essentially be like pulling off another Highlander 2. One would think that Hollywood has learned something from that disaster…

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  1. Matt` UNITED KINGDOM Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    well that sure sucks..
    if they come up with some stupid pile of bull thats loosely based around Middle Earth then there will be a lot of people pissed off by it, the real article is too well known for them to completely get away with it like has been done with some “book to movie” deals

    not that this would prevent it from happening…

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Yeah, I’m sure that a sucky, made-up prequel would still make a lot of money because of the LOTR branding. Kinda like SW prequels did.

    Once you establish a really strong brand (SW, LOTR, etc..) you can milk it for quite some time producing total garbage before people catch on and abandon it. Look at George Lucas – if he wanted to he could easily make 3 more Star Wars movies and all of them would still be huge multi-million blockbusters.

    Prequels sucked ass, but we still got excited for them, and we still went to see them. Seriously, if Phantom Menace was an independent movie, not associated wit the Star Wars brand it would surely flop. But since it had SW branding, it was a huge success despite the fact that it sucked ass. I predict the same happening for LOTR movies – no matter how bad they turn out, they will still make millions.

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  3. Matt` UNITED KINGDOM Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    sad but true – a good label would sell even the suckiest most manure-like crap

    hmm.. kinda like something I was looking at as research for sociology coursework about post-modernism whereby reality is replaced with simulcra and the labels attached to things become more meaningful, and more “real” than the object itself

    e.g. when you buy clothes the brand name can add more to the price than the actual physical item that you buy

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  4. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    This is also why so many of the Hollywood productions these days are remakes, and adaptations of books, comics and games.

    When you make a movie based on a known and respected brand you buy yourself a built in audience. The fans of the original will go to see your movie.

    If you are promoting an original work, then you brand it with the name of your leading star. Then you get the built in audience of fans of that actor/actress. But to get big stars you need to have big funding – and so you must fall back on some sort of branding again during a studio pitch.

    If you are pitching an original movie must brand it via association with other blockbuster. You must pitch it as the next Matrix, or the new LOTR and etc..

    But if your idea is completely original and so innovative, it is hard to compare it to anything and then you are shit out of luck. It’s a big risk, and no one wants to spend few millions on a movie that is not guaranteed to succeed.

    And thus we have the current Hollywood culture of recycling and reuse. Anything that is new and original is risky…

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