Pirate Song Strikes Back

Normally I do not mind people direct linking stuff from my site, but recently I noticed that the pirate song started to pop up on various blogs and message boards. Please note that I’m not the author of that file – I simply uploaded it to my server when the original author’s PhotoBucket account was removed.

If it’s yours, please leave me a comment, and I’ll give you the proper credit on the page with the file. Don’t mind people linking to the file, but I noticed that it eats my bandwidth, and I don’t get anything in exchange. When you read my blog, you at least generate page views for my adsense. Pirate song does not. It is partly my fault because I direct linked to it from my post instead of embedding it. So I totally don’t blame anyone to linking to the song instead of my boring post that was about something completely unrelated to that song.

Long story short, I decided to move it.

You will notice that all the links to swf file now lead you to a page on which it is embedded. I used a simple 301 redirect in my .htaccess:

redirect 301 /blog/wp-content/uploads/2006/10/pirate.swf http://www.terminally-incoherent.com/stuff/pirate/index.php

This way all the links will stay unbroken, and I will get the page impressions, and clicks on the advertisements. :mrgreen:

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    Testing out your browser and detection skillz

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