Sawyer may be Gambit in a next X-men move!

It’s not official or anything, but rumors say that Josh Holloway (to most people known as Sawyer) may be playing Gambit in the next X-men movie. No one knows if it’s going to be X4, Wolverine movie or some other bullshit spin-off. But supposedly he is interested in the role, and FOX is interested in having him in the movie. So it sounds like a done deal, barring any complications due to his commitments to LOST.

I really think he could pull it off! I can’t really think off anyone else who would be better suited for this role. As long as he can do a half-convincing French accent he is in.

What do you think? Will Sawyer-Gambit work, or do you think it is a bad choice?

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2 Responses to Sawyer may be Gambit in a next X-men move!

  1. M!@ ALGERIA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    holloway as Gambit would be perfect.I just hope his role will be well written.I trust Holloway to bring his A game just like he did ( and still doing ) with Sawyer.

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

    The article mentioned one thing that might suck a little bit. Because of how movie version of Wolverine is written, Gambit may have to play second fiddle to Logan who is now (after X3) pretty much the main character.

    Another thing that bothers me is that X3 was really pushing the Rogue-Iceman thing. If they introduce Gambit they will need to break up that whole thing, and get the two together. There is a significant age gap between Halloway (37) and Paquin (24 but in the X-men movies she looks younger). I think in the comic book the two were much closer in age.

    This slightly changes the dynamic between them. Especially since movie Rogue is more vulnerable, immature, and conflicted than the tough, thick skinned bad girl from the comic books. The comic book version of their relationship kinda reminds me of the dynamic that Sawyer and Kate have on Lost.

    So seeing Halloway and Paquin together might be odd, and very unlike what we know from the comic. It might still work though…

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