The Comments I get…

You may or may not know that I used to run a Gigi Edgley fan site. It was long time ago, in ancient times, back when you could get good quality web hosting for free (unlimited free hosting and badnwidth @ ftw!), no one knew who Gigi was, and her out of makeup pictures were rare as shit. That project kinda died, but I still think Gigi is awesome – as evidenced by the fact that she has her own dedicated category on this blog :P

Anyways, when I was one of the few relevant Google hits both for Gigi Edgley and Chiana I used to get a fair share of silly misdirected emails from people who thought that I was Gig or something. I haven’t archived any of that crap, probably cause I was a much nicer guy back then. I just politely pointed them towards the proper communication channels, and sent them a link to the disclaimer on the site.

I still occasionally find stuff like that in that old mailbox – but I rarely check it, so some of the good stuff probably drowns in the sea of spam. Hell, I was still getting some of these letters last November. Heh, I guess someone found my derilect corpse of a website in the hellish maelstrom of lameness that is tripod.

I guess I can sort of understand these mistakes. After all, it was a fan site and someone could potentially get confused. Granted they would have to get really, really drunk, then high, then suffer from SSMRFHS (Strikingly Sudden Mental Retardation from Hell Syndrome), then get a full frontal lobotomy, and finally suffer from a stroke, and get a brain tumor the size of a medium kangaroo, but still. It’s possible. I have seen stuff like that happen to the best of us…

But I never expected to be mistaken for Halle Berry. Please check out this comment though and please tell me how did this dude mistake my blog for some sort of an official Halle Berry website?

I seriously don’t get it. Do you?

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