Idiot Judge Rules Against Direct Linking

The Robert Davis vs SFX case might just be the dumbest, court case of the year.

Here is the skinny on the case. Apparently SFX has an inept, incompetent, and most likely retarded webmaster who can’t figure out how to add one line to the .htaccess file. Since their webmaster is a worthless sack of roting lard, the mentally challenged management monkies decided to sue Davis who was providing direct links to their webcasts.

Davis knew that the case was a joke, so he didn’t even hire a lawyer. He then proceeded to totally clown himself in the courtroom, and thus the idiot judge who clearly must suffer from some sort of extremely disabling mental retardation ruled against him.

This is like a trifecta of dumb!

SFX is dumb because they couldn’t figure out how to do a simple redirect, and instead opted to go the legal route. What could have been 5 minute job for a competent webmaster, turned out into a drawn out court case, and big lawyer bills.

Davis is dumb, because he lost a case that was almost impossible to loose – especially since the very similar Ticketmaster vs. case had exactly the expected results – judge ruled that linking is not infringement. This case was a no brainer. So just think – how bad was his defense to make the judge rule against him?

And of course, the judge is inexplicably dumb, because if he should have known that the SFX case was absolutely baseless. But then again, if all 3 parties, taking part in a lawsuit are just plain stupid, then the resulting ruling can’t be anything but.

Where do you draw the line here? Is Davis still allowed to post URL’s to the media files? How about partial urls (like go to and then /whatever/media/webcast.mpg)? How about partial URL’s shifted with rot13?

Sigh… I wonder what does this ruling mean to the internet as a whole…

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2 Responses to Idiot Judge Rules Against Direct Linking

  1. ambush CANADA Safari Mac OS says:


    morons, and thank you for restoring my cynicism in humanity.

    oh and time for him to buy server space in another country(that has loophole written all over it)

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  2. Goro UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Sam Walker – Corrupt or Demented?

    It happened that for about 8 months I was dealing 2 times a month with an idiot judge (Sam Walker, New York State Supreme Court judge, located in White Plains, Westchester County).

    Here are my observations on the idiot’s behavior:
    Sam Walker’s first rulling after a defendant appears before him is to set the so called “Condition of Bail” atop of any bail already posted.
    The “Condition of Bail” consists in sending the defendant to a program at his own or taxpayers cost for 52 or at leas 26 weeks to a program (Task or “Domestic Violence for Men”).
    If and when the defendant gets acquited he does not get back anything from what he spends on program fees (typically $3000).
    I assume this practice of the petty tyrant Sam Walker costs millions to the NYS taxpayer and probably even more to defendants.
    Judging from my own extensive experience with Sam Walker, I can confidenlty say that he has an IQ of an idiot (he constantly forgets stuff, insists on applying procedures that are totally insuitable for a particular case, speaks bulshit in the courtroom).

    I don’t know if judge Sam Walker was born idiot or became demented with aging; what bugs me is that the NY Commission on Judicial Conduct does not take any measures against him.

    The reason Hon. Sam Walker is not sanctioned yet is the fact that his idiotic behaviour generates a lot of money for the industry (the programs and the lawyers).
    The lawyers love Hon. Sam Walker, because he fills their pockets with money for the so called “compliance hearings”.
    A defendant sent to a program is typically ordered to appear once a month before the idiot Sam D. Walker just to check if he attends the program.
    Of course, the Defendant appears with a lawyer, who typicallly charhges him between $600 and $800 for the useless court appearance.
    During the “complience hearing” a note from the program, stating that the Defendants reqularily attended” is typically read by the DA to the idiot Walker (as if the idiot cannot read it itself).

    The meaning of this comedy is, of course, to make money by imitating work from the DA and the lawyers.

    I’m not afraid to call the guy idiot, because I know that Sam Walker is too afraid of being submitted to an IQ test, to sue me for defamation.
    I will love to appear before a jury on a defamation trial.

    Peter Petrov

    For more info about the idiot:
    call 914.309.7463
    or visit

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