Why you should not be excited about Vista

The news about Vista release is seeping through to the collective consciousness of the unenlightened masses. Usually when the common folk hears something about new technology thing, they seek out their local techno-magi to ask them questions about it. So lately I have been getting a lot of questions about Vista. This is usually what I tell people when they ask:

Vista will by shiny… It will look like a million bucks. Other than that it’s less stable, less secure, and less usable than WinXP. It is an operating system designed to let the user do less with multimedia. In Vista, content protection takes priority over stability, security, and robustness concerns.

If you have a computer running WinXP you should be fine for the next 3-4 years. Do not upgrade – it’s a waste of money.

Now I can just point people to Peter Guttmans Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection document to illustrate to them how bad does this OS really is. This is a slightly long read, but if you are wondering why your IT department absolutely refuses to deploy Vista on critical workstations, this is why. Consider this advice your Christmas present.

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  1. Boris UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I’ve tried Ubuntu a few times, and although it still has some rough edges, another couple of years, and assuming it can run some much needed Windows apps, I think my work will be able to do away with MS altogether. This Vista is shiny, and is cool, but the slowness and lack of new features along with this scary DRM stuff is getting to be a bit too much. Just need a viable alternative without sacrificing compatibility or having to relearn all new open source apps and it’ll be easy to get rid of Windows . .

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