Ballmer’s Office Sucks Balls

Steve Ballmer, the loud, sweaty, awkward Microsoft chair tossing machine has a totally lame office:

Ballmer’s Desk found @ extralife
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I would imagine that a Micro$oft executive would reside in something more… I don’t know… Spacious, lavish and extravagant. I mean, where is the built in hot tub and mini bar? I guess Gates’ peons and lapdogs don’t really get any special perks…

Oh wait… This is Ballmer we are talking about. Hell, that’s actually to spacious for him! I’d keep that dude in a cage for safety. :P I really hope they have those windows have reinforced glass in case another MS developer decides to defect to google.

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6 Responses to Ballmer’s Office Sucks Balls

  1. ambush CANADA Safari Mac OS says:

    I think thats probably one of the better working environments in that building, i mean it is a corner office, after all most people probably work in cubes.

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Yeah, but it’s Microsoft. It’s the company that has so much money lying around that they were able to buy US DOJ and didn’t really even care when EU threatened to fine them millions of dollars per day.

    They sure can afford better offices for their higher ranking directors, no?

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  3. Wikke BELGIUM Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    They sure can, but did you think about the fact that it might be to look more humane?
    Not the high-placed-evil-powerfull overlord of the cubicle dwarfs?
    I’d rather like my own office, one nice big open floor with desks as large as my bed :)

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  4. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox SuSE Linux says:

    But this is Ballmer we talk about here – I don’t even know if he is human or not!

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  5. Wikke BELGIUM Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Heh, LOL :p
    Good point

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  6. I see they trust him with that chair. Maybe it’s bolted down.

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