Lost: DHARMA Drama – the Thot Plickens!

Warning: Major Spoilage for Lost: Enter 77 below.

Color me confused. All up to this point I was entirely convinced that the Others were either descendants of the original DHARMA initiative, or that they were people who came in later picked up where DHARMA left off. I thought that their work on the island was connected to the Valenzetti equation. But if we are to believe Mr. Patchy McRussian this is not the case.

We got some answers, but it seems like they only opened more questions. Now we know that Others predate DHARMA and that there was open hostilities between the two groups. What were they doing on the island in the first place though? Are Others and DHARMA just two independent groups working on the Valenzetti riddle on their own? Or did they have an entirely different purpose.

Why was the Flame station rigged with explosives? Why was it important to destroy it in case of an incursion of “hostiles”? My theory is that this was the main DHARMA communication array used to operate the satelite dish, and the sonar. If it was overrun the “hostiles” could feed the mainland fake data, or interrupt submarine communication my messing with the sonar. It also seemed to be the entrance to the hidden underground complex of tunnels. So perhaps blowing it up was a way to prevent “hostiles” from reaching the underground communication lines.

It seems that Others won and eliminated DHARMA planting their own operatives at the Flame. Did they also find the Swan hatch? Was Inman an Other? I vaguely remember him talking about “the hostiles” at some point. How about Radzinsky? Was he DHARMA? Did Inman kill Radzinsky and take over his place in the Swan?

We can be sure that either Radzinsky or Inman (or both) knew about the Flame because it was featured on the blast door map.

Of course if Inman was an Other then why no one showed up at the Swan when he died. If he was reporting to the base camp, someone would notice that he was MIA after some point and sent an expedition to Swan and run into Desmond. Unless of course Inman was a rouge Other and he took the job in Swan so that he could stay below the radar, and work on the sailboat that would help him escape from the island. We know that at least Juliet is on the island against her will, so it is safe to assume others are in a similar situation.

So if Inman was a known recluse, and took the Swan job to stay out of reach of Ben, Juliet and their politics, it’s possible that no one noticed him missing. As long as the button was pushed they assumed Inman was doing his job.

Another possibility is that Inman and Radzinsky were indeed last DHARMA operatives on the island and Others simply missed them. But that would be a little strange. Others took over Hydra station, the Staff and the Flame so it is safe to assume they had maps that would show them location of Swan. If they were actively exploiting the DHARMA stations then it would only be logical to assume they would try to check out Swan at some point…

Or perhaps they also got fooled by the quarantine signs, and decided not to open the sealed hatch? Could the quarantine hoax was there to keep the Swan crew indoors at all times to minimize the chance of them running into “hostiles”?

I have so many questions it’s not even funny. This was a good episode though. Once again Sayid shows that he is the most clueful of the lot and asks Patchy some questions before the shit hits the fan. Jack, Kate and Sawyer should fucking be taking notes. All this time they spent in Hydra and they have zero vital intel on the Others other than “they have backyards”. Sigh…

I’m waiting for someone at lostpedia to transcribe the annotated text that Locke saw in the Flame.

The Lost Blog has a translated version of the russian dialog between Patchy and the black woman if you are interested, although you can probably figure out what they said from the context.

Hurley is teh ultimate ping pong champion! :mrgreen:

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9 Responses to Lost: DHARMA Drama – the Thot Plickens!

  1. ambush CANADA Safari Mac OS says:

    I also have those questions, in fact I’m still not 100% sure that the hostiles and the others are the same, but I think they are. I think the pearl was watching the swan, so maybe the people in the swan weren’t a part of the rest of Darma, maybe they didn’t know that Darma was under attack.

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    True – the swan crew might have not known much about DHARMA. I would say they are part o DHARMA funded experiment but had no idea about other DHARMA work on the island. It’s strange that Others didn’t find Perl and Swan though…

    I’m 100% sure that Others are hostiles. We don’t have any evidence of any other group residing on the island.

    How big is that damn island anyway? How come no one ever saw Flame station from a mountaintop? It’s not like it was hidden – it was pretty much in the open there.

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  3. ambush CANADA Safari Mac OS says:

    it only takes two mountains for one to block the view from the other, but its not like they saw the dock or the others camp from the mountain.

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  4. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    True. Still, I wonder how big exactly is the island. How long would it take to walk around it? A week? Two?

    It’s surprising that no one tried to do this. Sayid attempted this once, but then he ran into Ruso and that quickly ended his trip. Too bad. If he would follow through and circle the island like he planned he would likely see the Hydra Island.

    Also, what happened to the numbers station? You know – the one that used to transmit numbers, until Ruso taped it over with the French message? Why no one ever went there?

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  5. ambush CANADA Safari Mac OS says:

    its been a while but wasn’t that in the place where ruso lived, and didn’t it explode.

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  6. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Hmm… I thought it was somewhere else, but you could be right. I will have to check lostpedia.

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  7. ambush CANADA Safari Mac OS says:

    I guess I was wrong, there is an actual tower.

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  8. Christian UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    The only way it makes sense to me is if the others were originally the subjects of some DHARMA experiments who eventually overthrew DHARMA and took over the island. Think panet of the apes only on an island… hmmm.

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  9. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Wow… Interesting theory Christian! I din’t think about that.

    One thing though – Patchy said that “hostiles” predated DHARMA. Why would a group of people live on the island before DHARMA?

    He might have ben lying of course – but I have a feeling the wasn’t…

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