Lost: Total Mindfuck

Lost just brutally raped my brain and left me pregnant with a bastard child of unspeakable confusion.

Everything below is full of season finale related spoilers, so don’t read if you haven’t seen it yet. I have so many questions it’s not even funny!

Whose funeral was it? Could it be Ben’s – and that’s why no one showed up, and Kate didn’t even want to consider it? Some people are saying it’s Locke but I think at least few people would show up for his funeral. He might have made some enemies by trying to keep them on the island, but he also saved them several times. I think people would forgive him and show up.

Maybe it was Juliet? It would explain why Jack was so upset when he found out that she died. All the Lostie’s hated and mistrusted her – especially Kate.

I’m guessing the newspaper clip he ripped up was the obituary of whoever has died. My cousin pointed out the coffin seemed small. It did not seem to be a full sized coffin. But then again it might have been the camera angle or something.

In the hospital Jack says something among the lines of:

Get my father in here right now, and if I’m more drunk than him you can fire me

WTF? If the flashback is really in the future, then his father would be dead. But he says it just as if he was alive! Who says something like that about someone who is dead? Also, he has a prescription from his father in the pharmacy. Would he really be trying to sign a dead guy’s name on a perscription? Granted, he was a mess, but he is not that stupid – is he? Is this some sort of alternative time-line?

Who was Kate talking about when she saw Jack at the end of the episode? Was it Sawyer? Was it someone else? Why would he care about her seeing Jack?

If they really got off the island, what the hell are they going to show for the next 2 seasons? This is so weird! And why does Jack want to go back so badly? Why is he such a mess to begin with? Why does he thing they were supposed to stay there?

WTF was Ben talking about? What is this Temple he was referring to? Whose boat is it? Who did they just call onto the island? Who are these people and what are they looking for? Does Ben know who they are? Or at least what they are after?

Why was penny able to connect directly to the Looking Glass station as soon as the jamming signal was disabled? How did she know the frequency and whatnot? This just didn’t make any sense. The only way she could have called in this quickly was if she knew about the station and was monitoring it. So what is Penny’s connection to the Island?

I was half expecting the show to end with bunch of armed mercenaries descending on the island and taking the losties hostage leaving it to Locke, Sawyer, Hurley and the gang to rescue them (perhaps even cooperating with the Others). I surely haven’t expected this shit.

Why didn’t Charlie at least try to swim out the blown window once the room filled up with water? If Desmond was able to swim down there on one breath, Charlie could have surely made it to the surface if he tried. They are not that deep, so he really wouldn’t even have to worry about decompression. I’m sorry but it was a stupid death. He could have easily reach the surface, take the boat to the shore and radio Jack to stop them from using the phone.

Was this Walt or the Smoke Monster? I’m betting on Smoke Monster. Btw, that damn kid grown a lot since we have last seen him.

Oh man… This is not even a cliff-hanger. They are just plain old messing with our heads at this point!

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  1. Matt` UNITED KINGDOM Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    Saw the season finale two days ago and I agree on just about every point (you also raised some I hadn’t noticed, like what the Temple is and how Penny had that frequency)

    Although I’m sure I remember there being stuff about Penny using a lot of resources in searching for Desmond, its not that impossible that she could have found the place (and the frequency) although that she just happened to be sat there when Charlie pulled the switch was kinda crazy

    Charlie not swimming out of the window bugged me too (same goes for Desmond trying to break the other window – how dumb can you be, really. My rationalisation of it was that he had the time and lung capacity to either get out of the station or show Desmond the writing on his hand, and since he was sure he was fated to drown, and couldn’t be certain of surviving the swim (some friend of Mr. Grenade might be lurking) he decided to go with what he did.

    I’m inclined to believe Ben with his stuff about the Island being under attack and that Naomi’s organisation (whoever they are) aren’t going to be anything good, especially since Locke was clearly on a mission to stop them coming (as handed down by Walt/The Smoke Monster/The Island)

    The major mind-fuck, which I seem to have left ’til last, was the scenes with bearded-Jack. Who’s in the coffin, who’s Kate getting back to and etc. (I briefly wondered if the funeral was Sawyer’s – probably no-one in the real world would have shown up and maybe he has yet to betray Kate/the group in some big way, but then who is Kate saying she has to get back to?)

    I doubt that it’s Locke in the coffin – I don’t think he would agree to leave the Island if you grabbed him by all 4 limbs and tossed him into a helicopter, but Ben or Juliet would kinda make sense (although Juliet has a sister so maybe not, Ben doesn’t have such connections though)

    As for the stuff with Jack’s father.. “We have to go back Kate” makes this very much a post-island time, but Jack’s father died before he got on the plane, so either Jack’s just being delusional (but the head surgeon guy didn’t go “That’s crazy-talk” when Jack told him to go find his father) or Jack’s father is somehow alive again… is re-animating corpses within the Island’s healing power?

    Having said that, the surgeon guy also didn’t look as if going and finding Jack’s father was particularly possible, maybe he just realised that Jack was delusional and gave him that pitying look instead of contradicting crazy-Jack.

    I’m guessing that the people they called aren’t a rescue party, but that they did get rescued at some later date, but with some kind of unfinished business still left on the Island (that maybe they didn’t realise was unfinished)

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  2. ambush CANADA Safari Mac OS says:

    I also have no guesses as to who’s in the coffin. I think the whole rescue/off the island flashback might have been something Desmond saw and now he has to find a way to reactivate the jamming device, at least it makes more sense than anything. As for penny having the frequency or whatever, it looked like she was in her fathers office, so she probably has whatever knowledge he imparted to her, which could be a lot. In anycase that was a pretty crazy episode, mindfuck indeed.

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  3. GraphiX UNITED KINGDOM Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    nah he wasn’t being crazy jack as he also had a perscription from his father which they actually showed when the desk girl said sorry you can’t use other peoples names for perscriptions.

    now the point i dont get is … jack was flying back with his dead father
    in the first season, then somehow the father appeared on the island also
    so did the coffin, now if you remember locks father appeared on island too.
    how the hell did he get there so that must mean jacks father was actually
    alive when he seen him in season 1.

    The island is backwards people who visits the island sick gets healed.
    but when people leave or make life on the island they both die.

    so everyone is dying because they left the island that is why jack
    is trying so hard to get back and now he can’t because ben died.
    ben was in the coffin and ben was the only guy to know how to get
    onto or back to the island.

    If you look at the coffin episode part you’ll notice the book on table.
    thats the book/diary ben had or his daughter had in the 2nd series.

    what i dont understand is the name of the funeral parlor.
    its an anogram for “Flash forward” if you work it out :)

    Next why didn’t charlie swim out the window or get out the door.
    that is easy don’t forget he was told he was going to die remember
    when charlie got shot in the throat in the preminition well when it
    finally happened exactly as desmond predicted it changed something.
    so charlie knew if he got out alive everything would change and
    people would not get rescued as desmond for-seen.

    As for penny knowing the location that was explained at end of s1/s2
    they found the electrical pulse and locked onto the signal.

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  4. redhead UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    This show is so full of “mindfucks” that I’m not taking Jack’s flash-forward literally. Maybe it’s his FEAR of what could happen: that Locke and Ben are right; this island is special and they don’t realize they can have it better there than back in the “real world.”

    I think that Jack’s so drunk and out of it that he’s talking about his father as though he were alive.

    My first guess on the funeral is Sawyer. Eventually he’d break Kate’s heart and betray anyone who befriended him (keeping with his conman personality) and no one would go to his funeral. So that’s why Kate says Why would I go? to Jack.

    Jack is such a likable character that no one would want to see him end up like this so I really hope it a red herring!

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  5. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    [quote comment=”4657″]Next why didn’t charlie swim out the window or get out the door. that is easy don’t forget he was told he was going to die remember when charlie got shot in the throat in the preminition well when it
    finally happened exactly as desmond predicted it changed something. so charlie knew if he got out alive everything would change and people would not get rescued as desmond for-seen.[/quote]

    Ok, I’ll buy that. It kinda makes sense.

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  6. GraphiX UNITED KINGDOM Internet Explorer Windows says:

    its got to make sense give you 2 reasons.

    1. when desmond predicted about penny droping in on the island he was going to allow charlie to actually get shot in the throat just so he could see his beloved penny.

    but his morals got the best of him and changed the future by saving him. this changed something and charlie didn’t die or get hit like his preminition this then means he’s not forseen the future as it changed so with it changing everything else cannot fall into place.

    Instead of penny droping into the island niaomi did.
    this was because he changed the future charlie didn’t get hit.

    2. reason why it’s right.

    Charile asked desmond twice the same question if i do exactly what you say flick the switch and die… your deffentely sure you seen claire and the baby get rescued which desmond answered yes.

    So he knew right there and then if he changed something claire and baby wouldn’t get rescued as desmond told charlie in past episodes every time he tries to save him he changes the future and it’s inevitable.

    so charlie knows he’s going to die anyway + he knows claire gets rescued.

    And the guy in the coffin is not any member of the island that news paper
    report actually read something totally different to what your all thinking.

    this is what the paper jack rips of says

    “The body of John Lantham of New York was found shortly after 4 am in the 4300 block of Grand Avenue.

    Ted Worden, a doorman at the Tower Lofts complex, heard loud noises coming from the victim’s loft.

    Concerned for tenants’ safety, he entered the loft and found the body hanging from a beam in the living room.

    According to Jaime Ortiz, a police spokesman, the incident was deemed a suicide after medical tests. Latham (sic) is survived by one teenaged son.

    Memorial services will be held at the Hoffs-Drawlar Funeral Home tomorrow evening.”

    the guy who he is talking about was the original designer of the looking glass stations he was the guy who built them :)

    and with him dead he has no way of contacting him to find out locations.

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