Dr. Keanu Osterman?

It seems that Keanu Reeves might be playing John Osterman, aka Dr. Manhattan in the upcoming movie based on the cult graphic novel The Watchmen. Somehow, I really don’t see it:

Dr. Manhattan - OriginalDr. Manhattan - Keanu

Personally, I think that playing a super-intelligent, all powerful being is a bit out of Keanu’s league. He pretty much has three modes of operation: a surprised surfer dude mode, a stoned surfer dude mode and pissed off, drunk surfer dude mode. This might have worked ok for The Matrix but since it was original work, we just have to buy into the fact that Bill of the Bill and Ted fame is humankind’s virtual messiah.

Constantine was not all that bad either, but then again I never read the comic so I can’t tell you if he really accurately portrayed the original. But John Osterman – the living god? Seems a bit of a stretch.

Then again, if you read the comic you will probably notice that Dr. Manhattan mostly just blankly stares into empty spaces – which is something Keanu can do really well. Hell, it’s one of the few acting techniques he actually excells at. Can there be a method to this madness then?

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4 Responses to Dr. Keanu Osterman?

  1. Teague UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    In true internets blog-o-sphere troller style, I only show up to post that Keanu “unwatchable” Reeves played “Ted” Theodore Logan, not Bill S. Preston, Esquire. You wanna bitch about people not knowing basic computer shit, how about learning the correct trivia involving one of the biggest pieces of American pop culture of the 80’s?! Jesus Christ, indeed!

    Ok, end of goofiness. I agree about KR, except that I think attributing 3 facets to him is giving him too much credit.

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    :oops: To my defense, I don’t think most people would notice if we would switched the personalities of the two characters around in the middle of the movie – from what I remember they are essentially both the same person. :P

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  3. Teague UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    True dat

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  4. I have travelled from the future to bring a message back to you in 2007. Don’t worry, Keanu won’t be playing Dr. Manhattan.

    I also find these old Watchmen speculation posts amusing. :-P

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