Alien vs. Alien Update

Something tells me that I need a “shit that no one except for me cares about” category around here. But that won’t fit in the sidebar, so instead I’m filing it under Gigi Edgley. I could also file it under “unhealthy obsessions” but fuck it.

In August 2006 I mentioned a Sci-Fi flick titled Alien vs. Alien. It is a low budget, shitty monster movie it seems but Gigi is playing a lead role in it so I’m dying to see it. Since August they actually appeared on IMDB.

I was also able to locate a picture from the set:

Alien vs. Alien
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IMDB does not list a release date or any useful info. Neither does the blurb on the publisher/distributor website. So it seems that the movie, while completed is still in some sort of post-production limbo.

Nu Image – the production company that made this move seems to specialize in churning out cheesy movies by the dozen – just read the titles they are responsible for. But then again some of their cheese is bound to make big bucks at the box office – they seem to be producing Rambo IV. This means they do have money, and they are capable of producing big budget movies. I don’t think Alien vs. Alien is one of them of course, but perhaps the quality won’t be as crappy as I suspected initially.

The movie looks like a straight-to-DVD, or made-for-TV release. But then again you never know. It would be awesome to see Gigi on the big screen. :)

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  1. Allister UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Final Title ‘Showdown at Area 51’ a direct to sci-fi channel movie…

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