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How not to spill coffee on your laptop

Is it really that hard not to spill your morning coffee on your laptop? I have never done it myself, but some of my users have a really hard time with this concept. In the last 3 years, I had … Continue reading

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Java: Swing or SWT – which one is better?

I’m actually to lazy to write a full argument here, so I will just post my bullshit filler crap from a recent research paper: 5.3 Designing a Graphical User Interface The discussion of GUI design should start by choosing appropriate … Continue reading

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Top Commentators and Top Posts

If you hit up the front page you will see two new little things in the sidebar. One is a list of the 10 most popular posts on this blog. All of my posts that got dugg at one point … Continue reading

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Google Desktop for Linux

I got a nice surprise today. I scrolled through the Slashdot feed, and saw a story about Google finally releasing their desktop search tool on Linux. So I immediately went and downloaded a copy. I like Google Desktop Search because … Continue reading

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Batch Upload Images to ImageShack using Perl

Someone asked about this so I felt compelled to deliver. The question was: “how to batch upload bunch of images to some free image hosting service?” Here is the answer. I picked ImageShack because you don’t need to register it, … Continue reading

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Parsing Excel Files with Perl

My company likes to store tons of useful information locked away in excel files. I understand that not everyone understands how databases work, or how to use them. I have no clue how this happened but at some point Excel … Continue reading

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How do you indent your code?

Talking about indentation styles is like talking about religion. Everyone thinks there is only one true way to indent code, and everyone else is wrong. But let’s do it anyway. I want to know if my readers are “doing it … Continue reading

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Windows within windows

I just found this amusing: click to enlarge Let me explain what is going on in this picture: Windows 2000 Profesional is running in VirtualBox under Kubuntu Inside the emulated windows I opened a Remote Desktop connection to Windows XP … Continue reading

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PerfMonG 0.2.5 Released

I finally got around to rolling up the installer for the newest version of PerfMonG. Release 0.2.5 has bunch of small updates that improve the usability. I added small tweaks to the interface that now allow you to control the … Continue reading

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Linux Fuckup of the Day

I had to set up a virtual machine on one of the Ubuntu boxes today. I heard good things about Virtualbox so I decided to give it a shot – especially since it’s distributed under GPL, it can can be … Continue reading

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Running Remote Desktop is Faster than Running Application Locally

Recently I found out that it is sometimes faster to use Remote Desktop than to run an application locally, and simply having it access files on a remote network share. Let me give you some background. My company uses Quickbooks … Continue reading

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Casino Royale

I finally got a chance to see Casino Royale the other day. I’m not a big Bond fan per se, but I essentially grew up watching these movies so for better, or for worse I have certain fondness for flicks … Continue reading

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Develop Software Alone

Given a chance, would you rather work alone, or as part of a team? Right now I’m the sole software developer employed by my company – and I can tell you there is nothing I would like more than to … Continue reading

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How do you deal with comment spam?

I always viewed blog spam as a complex problem which requires a multi-layer solution. There is simply no silver bullet that stops all the spam and gives you no false positives. Most conventional approaches can be grouped together into 6 … Continue reading

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Running without CAPTCHA Experiment

I decided to disable the CAPTCHA in the comments section – at least for a few days. I haven’t seen much spam here lately, and I feel that Akismet and Bad Behavior have been doing an excellent job scooping up … Continue reading

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Eve Online: First Impression

For some time now, I’ve been itching to check out Eve Online. I love space sims, and the no-grind leveling in the game sounds like a good choice for someone who doesn’t plan on spending that much time playing. Essentially, … Continue reading

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Safari on Windows: Bonjour Slowing Down MS Office

I installed Safari on a spare WinXP laptop that I had lying around in the office. I only played with it few minutes, but I already noticed stuff I didn’t like. The laptop I used was a fresh windows install … Continue reading

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How will Apple Use Win-Safari to improve the web.

I wasn’t really going to say anything about the release of Safari for Windows, or the arrival of the iPhone because I really don’t give a flying fuck. But then half of the blog posts in my Google Reader in … Continue reading

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Freelancer: the Dyson Sphere

I just finished the main story arc in Freelancer and I must say I loved the last mission. Dyson Sphere’s have been my fascination for a long time now and I was absolutely thrilled to see one being used in … Continue reading

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Did you know that most scientists do not read papers they cite?

I saw this little factoid on one of those “things they don’t want you to know” that are doing rounds online. It was something among the lines of: Recent studies show that most scientists do not read all the papers … Continue reading

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Gasp! My brother is getting a Zune…

My brother’s girlfriend decided that she will buy her man a shit-brick for his birthday. I tried to intervene and explain to her than she should buy him an iPod instead. They are in the same price bracket, and the … Continue reading

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How do you partition your drive?

I’m sick like a dog, and I’m heading to bed in couple of minutes. So instead of posting a lengthy rant or something funny, constructive or informative, I decided to take the lazy way out and ask you, the readers, … Continue reading

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Sopranos Finale and Software Development

The Sopranos finale and the way it was received by different people got me thinking. It seems that the TV writers and producers absolutely loved it. Apparently Damon Lindelof almost creamed his pants when he saw it. Ron Moore was … Continue reading

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Finishing a Story

I think that the TV series model of storytelling is deeply flawed. I’m a firm believer that a good story should have a beginning, a middle and an end. A good story takes you on a journey, starting with a … Continue reading

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UI Evolution

I interested an interesting trend these days. It seems that the evolution of the user interface came about a full circle and we are more or less at the starting point again. But on our journey we learned a thing … Continue reading

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