Gigi Jedi

I just found this pic of Gigi dressed as a jedi, and holding a lightsaber:

Gigi Edgley in a Jedi Costume
photo © Neil Davidson [original photo]

Here is another one, this time without a robe:

Gigi Edgley with a Lightsaber
photo © Neil Davidson [original photo]

Apparently these were taken at the Starfury Convention in 2005. Neil has bunch of other pics taken at the same con on his website.

I bring these up, because being obsessed with Gigi, and a Star Wars geek at the same time, I count this as an absolute win. I must ask though – what is with the hats?

Update 06/06/2007 10:47:32 AM

I get it now. I asked Neil about the hats and he explained that they are not just ordinary Jedis – they are Jedi Chefs. LOL

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