Farscape Returns… Sort of…

Not sure if you heard, but Farscape may return… As webisodes. SciFi is planning to shoot around 10 few minute long episodes that will be available on their website. The format will be probably something similar to the BSG webisodes that were used to build hype for the new season last year.

Apparently Ben Browder and Claudia Black would be on board with this. The article doesn’t mention anyone else. It would be great to see the whole cast reunited, but it may be difficult.

Is this awesome? Definitely yes. Enough traffic and hype may show Scifi that there is still some money to be made with the franchise. We will need some organized scaper effort to get these webisodes dugg, slashdotted, and continuously reposted on every single social bookmarking website out there. Essentially we want to crash their servers on day one if possible when the time comes.

Speaking of which, are there any Scapers reading this blog? Sound off in the comments. I kinda lost touch with the fandom after the show ended, and Ultimate Farscape BB closed down. Are there any surviving, relatively high traffic Scaper communities out there?

Anyway, this is best news I heard in a while.

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  1. Jason UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hey i just joined this group for the ohio scapers! I am sure there is groups for each state!

    I can’t wait to see the webisodes. Two mins or not, I Am just glad they are back!

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