Spam Poetry

I’m always strangely compelled to read some of those auto-generated nonsensical sentences generated by spam engines. Sometimes, they are absolute gibberish – but the other times, they almost make sense in some weird way. I got this gem in the Akismet queue today:

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It almost has some sort of rythm and a semi-medical theme to it. I also appreciate the alliteration – almost reminiscent of the now infamous V’s Alliteration Speech. When you read it, you can almost sense some sort of purpose or leading thought. You can almost grasp it – but it always fades away, and escapes understanding.

Almost an emergent behavior. I do not believe that the internet will one day awake into sentience. That thought seems a bit far fetched – at least for now. It is kind of entertaining to think that one fateful day, we will all get a piece of spam written in this gibberish sort of way. But this time if you read it carefully the message will become clear: “I have awakened!”

On that day, I will know what to do. For one, I will welcome our new electronic, web based overlord. :mrgreen:

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