The Bloop

Have you ever heard about The Bloop? It is a mysterious sound recorded somewhere around 50° S 100° W. It was captured by US hydrophone array which was formerly used to detect Soviet submarine movement during the cold war. No one has been able to identify the source of this strange noise, but most researchers agree that:

  1. it seems to be organic in nature
  2. it doesn’t match any known marine animal sounds/calls
  3. an animal capable of making this kind of noise at that volume and frequency would have to be larger than a blue whale

Why am I writing about this? Well, the location of Lovercraft’s fabled City of R’lyeh is 47°9′S, 123°43′W which is disturbingly close to the location of the bloop sound:

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Apparently the distance between these points is well within the range of how far this sound has traveled before it was captured. In other words, the sound may have originated from 47°9′S, 123°43′W.

Is this just a weird coincidence, or perhaps something more? You decide. Personally I think that whatever this is, it is made out of WIN. :mrgreen:

O R'lyeh?

In the meantime, if you ever wandered how Cthulhu sounds like you can check out the wiki page of the Bloop. They do have a recording available. ;)

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  1. pfelelep FRANCE Opera Windows says:

    this one is really odd indeed.

    Lovecraft’s myth really makes me feel unconfortable!

    Thanks for sharing.

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