Do Not Click This Link

I’m not kidding! Do not click this link. Just don’t do it. I can’t emphasize this enough:

This link, do not click it!

Now, how many of you clicked it without reading the rest of the post? Fess up! LOL Every time someone posts something like this, I fucking click that shit and then regret it. It’s irresistible, isn’t it?

This thing officially sucks. It sucks badly, and it is just a matter of time before someone exploits it. Come on Mozilla! Can we get some of that “10 Fucking Days” magic going on here?

Anyway, here is a workaround that works with Firefox on Windows XP:

  1. Hit the Windows key to bring back your task bar
  2. Double click on the FF entry in the task bar to minimize it and maximize it
  3. This should bring the browser window into foreground. You can now finish whatever you wanted to do, and close the browser to get rid of the popup.

It worked for me. Your millage may vary.

Btw, if for some reason you can’t click out of the popup to see the article here is the safe link.

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3 Responses to Do Not Click This Link

  1. Starhawk UNITED STATES Mozilla Ubuntu Linux says:

    Damn Luke ya know I had to click it. lol Tho I did read your article first. Hmm firefox froze up tho is all of course i’m running ubuntu.

    When i upgraded to FF I began having all kinds of problems. I was not happy about it and suspected some of my extensions or perhaps the way i always mess around with my config file. Perhaps I should like keep records or something. haha, I KNOW that but i don’t really follow my own advice. Anyway yesterday I had about decided to uninstall FF and reinstall it as opposed to trying to fix it. but for some reason FF crashed Hard three times in a row… for no good reason too … yet strangely enough after that it now works perfectly. (crossing my fingers here)

    I downloaded Opera tho just in case. I LOVE opera bettern FF actually but I can’t live without my FF extensions. In case your wondering what FF was doing it was taking MINUTES to switch between tabs, freezing for long times or crashing closing tabs, comments on myspace blogs were not displaying right but comments on profiles were fine (WTF??) and a few other things. Anyway sometimes I get paranoid to upgrade software as too many times in my life upgrades have broke shit :( And of course with FF sometimes upgrades cause ya to lose an extension or two or some extensions cause ya problems.

    Regardless tho I adore my FF :P

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I tried it on FF under Ubuntu and all I got was blank screen. Didn’t freeze, didn’t do anything really. I couldn’t click out of it. On windows I got the white writing in the middle of the screen, and if you click on it few times it disappears. On linux I had to switch to a TTY and kill firefox to get rid of it.

    Anyway. here is the link to the article for those of you who can’t click through the popup.

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  3. mrjones GERMANY Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    No chance^^ ff with noscript

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