Warhammer 40k Nerf Guns

My brother Ark owns bunch of Nerf guns that we occasionally use for an all out nerf war. His arsenal includes several Mavericks, a Longshot and a funky crossbow that I can’t find anywhere online. Since we are both Warhammer 40k nuts we always joke around how the Mavericks look a bit like Bolt Pistols. I mean look at them:

Nerf Maverick

The longshot in its short retracted state looks a little bit like a regular bolter. We even talked about painting them up to make them look like the authentic things. All you would really need to give it a nice paint job and then attach the distinctive curved magazine clips to them. Ark actually wanted to use them as part of some elaborate Halloween costume but that never happened. Imagine my surprise when I found that we were not the first people to come up with this idea. Apparently, there is some guy who paints Nerf guns and sells them on ebay and his work seems to be heavily influenced by 40k artwork. Just check out his Maverick:

Painted Maverick

It really does look like a bolt pistol. It’s just missing the magazine. Also check out the Longshot:

Longshot Bolter

I’d be afraid to use these as it would probably ruin the paint job real quick. But this just shows that this sort of thing is possible given enough time and patience. Ark will probably be furious that someone has beat him to the punch and made these. ;)

Anyway, if you don’t know what Warhammer 40k is, and you don’t find Nerf guns fun, just ignore this post. We will resume posting the regular content that you came to expect from this place tomorrow.

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15 Responses to Warhammer 40k Nerf Guns

  1. Hobby Forum UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Those are some really nice looking modifications. Very accurate. Nice work.

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  2. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux Terminalist says:

    Btw, not mine. The link to the source where I found these pics is in the post. :mrgreen: But yeah, the guy did a great job.

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  3. Good Post, I ‘m the one who crazy on all warhammer. I play video games,table top games-Miniatures. Really enjoy spend time to read these stories, I will revisit your site again and again, You can visit my miniature site http://www.warhammerminiature.com thanks. Nathan

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  4. Brazilski NETHERLANDS Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Shopping for Christmas presents I came across a Nerf pistol; I believe it was a NiteFinder. Having seen this article before, it’s muzzle immediately reminded me of a commodor laspistol.

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  5. Lord of Rebirth CANADA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Neither are anything close to either bolt pistols or bolters from 40K neither of which have multiple barrels and both of which have a very squared off body.

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  6. siflrock UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    the pistol looks more like a necromunda stubgun than a bolt pistol. the rifle looks almost exactly like the pulse rifles from aliens and also a little like the terran marine rifles from starcraft 2.

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  7. siflrock UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    actually. i looked at it again, and it’s most like the terran marine rifle.

    http://starfeeder.gameriot.com/blogs/The-Starfeed/This-guy-is-building -a-life-size-Terran-Marine-armored-suit

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  8. taconinja Internet Explorer Windows says:

    um the lonh shot looks more like flamer but great idea

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  9. hey UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    @ siflrock:
    hey starcraft and warhammer look the same well the marines do the guns look like warhammer 40k but the N strike has a clip and looks almost like a imperial guard comander laspistol

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  10. josh AUSTRALIA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    i think the nerf recon looks more like the bolt pistol, and it has the mag.
    also nice paint jobs, i heard about the guy who does them

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  11. vince UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    the long shot looks like something form halo…or at least its color scheme…cool!!

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  12. Steven CANADA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    What kind of paint is used to do that?
    ex. acrylic paint , gouache paint , oil paint…etc.

    really looks just like the guns in warhammer!!:)

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  13. Cashcleaner CANADA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    You know what? I think the red Bolt Pistol is perfectly fine with a rotary magazine. There’s nothing I’ve read that suggests you couldn’t have a revolving magazine which loads the bolt into the firing chamber. And on a similar note, I’ve found the new nerf N-Strike foam darts are pretty much the same size as bolter ammo – maybe a little smaller.

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  14. G UNITED KINGDOM Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I painted those 2 years ago. I still do.

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  15. kevin UNITED STATES Google Chrome Windows says:

    i love this gun its epic

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