Magic the Gathering Joke Revisited

I noticed that some blogs I read routinely close comments on old posts, supposedly to avoid spam. There is even a WordPress plugin that does this for you. I find that practice silly. I keep spam at bay via filtering, bot detection and captchas – and it seems to be working just fine for me. I’d hate to close old blog posts because a lot of them still get comments today. There are two ways people find interesting blogs – via links on other blogs, and via search engines.

Especially the some of my more technical posts sometimes don’t get much play up until weeks or months after being published. People who comment on them usually found them via Google and either found them useful or want to correct my mistakes or miss-assumptions – which is great. Even silly shit often gets hits long after I forgot about it. Case in point the silly Magic the Gathering joke I posted last year. Someone posted a comment there requesting a pussy version of the card.

Well, your wish is my command:

Get it?

While I was at it I decided to create a PG-13 version of the original card to show that I do think of the children and all that shit. Or perhaps this makes the joke more subtle? Or more stupid? I don’t know, you decide:

PG-13 Version

This is all I have for today. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! For those of you who live outside the US of A, this just means we get the Monday off. There will be a Monday post though, unless I’m especially lazy this weekend. :)

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