Which is More Awesome: A Tuesday Poll

Here is a pointless poll, just because it’s Tuesday. As you may or may not know, Tuesdays are the only really productive days in the corporate world. On Mondays everyone is still recovering from the weekend. They are either still hungover, cranky or have a major case of fuckitall. Either that, or they are just angry that even though they had two days when they didn’t have to work, they totally wasted them by doing bullshit household chores, or spending “quality time” with the family – or both.

Wednesday is the hump day – the exact middle of the week. And for that reason it is completely, shitty, hopeless and sad day. Most people are to depressed, and too preoccupied with their own soul-crushing misery to actually do any work at all. Thursday is the the official beginning of the end of the week. Those who are in college, taking classes or in any way affiliated with any higher education institution in non-professorial capacity are required by law to party Thursday night. Others simply spend time idling away, planning the shit they will want to do on the weekend.

Friday is the national “I mentally checked out already, please try again on Monday” day. Seriously, have you ever actually tried to accomplish something important on a Friday? Like a project that involves several parties to cooperate? What happens? Everyone stalls, and tries to run out the clock while pretending to be super busy and then plays fucking Farmville most of the day while you sit there waiting for their input.

Tuesday is the only day when people do actual work. So I figured a quick and dirty poll is perfect for today. So without further ado here it is:

Which is most awesome?
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Which of the above is most awesome and why? For me it’s a close call. But I think I have to pick Zombies – if nothing else, going by my blogging history. I have about a dozen posts relating to zombies, zombie survival and etc. On the other hand I have precious few posts relating to ninjas, pirates, monkeys and none related to panda bears. So, yeah…

How about you?

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8 Responses to Which is More Awesome: A Tuesday Poll

  1. I chose “Ninjas”. I am instructed to say that there are no ninjas in the room with me, and they did not force me at swordpoint.

    Ah, they’re gone. Now I can say that I really wanted to vote for kjsdhf766%&

    …noooo ninja here. I lub ninjas. I also all alive. no ploblem.

    Oi– he… I moves! o_O’



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  2. Steve CANADA Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    Zombies…ninjas are just zombies-in-waiting…as we all are. Soon, the whole world will be zombified

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  3. Alphast NETHERLANDS Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    Ninjas rule. They are the best. No question asked. Zombies are way to easy to survive, as so many horror movies have shown. ;-)

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  4. jambarama UNITED STATES Opera Windows Terminalist says:

    Lets see, pandas have gone down an “evolutionary cul-de-sac” so they’re out. Self-induced extinction is not awesome. I don’t see the attraction to zombies, but ninjas are cool, and pirates are pretty awesome.

    However, what could be more awesome than a monkey? They throw poop without repercussion, they have solid communication and problem solving abilities, they look hilarious, they come in hundreds of varieties, and you can have them as pets (though not in the US I guess). Try and keep a zombie or ninja as a pet!

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  5. Matt` UNITED KINGDOM Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    Monkeys and pandas amuse me, so they’re pretty cool, but not really ‘awesome’. Zombies make for good films, but in themselves are just wandering corpses. Pirates… fuck pirates, that is all.

    So that leaves ninjas, who are a good match for ‘awesome’ – ninjas are always badass assassin types, that’s pretty awesome.

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  6. Douglas AUSTRALIA Google Chrome Windows says:

    Pandas, because I had one in the local shopping centre for a few days.

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  7. Adrian BELGIUM Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    You forgot vikings. I’m not voting unless I see a viking on that list. (And a Redguard from MW/OB would be pretty kickass too.)

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