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Vampire Reproduction

“Hey dad, where do vampires come from?” whispered the little boy. The father have long dreaded having “the talk” with his son, but he knew it was time. He took off his glasses and put away his naughty magazine (he … Continue reading

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Kinect and other Motion Gimmicks

Quick question: is anyone here actually excited about the Kinect? I was totally underwhelmed by it back when it was called Project Natal and Peter Molyneux was telling us that it will change computing forever and be more ground breaking … Continue reading

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Science Fiction vs Fantasy

I don’t have review post for this week so I’m posting a quick poll instead. Actually, it is poll and a question rolled into one. I was wondering which do you guys prefer Science Fiction or Fantasy? Which do you … Continue reading

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Designing a Tetris Clone: Part 2

Wait, what? Part two? Where is part 1? Did we miss it? Oh, wait… Never mind. I found it. The story here goes like this: back in 2007 I had this crazy idea to make a Tetris clone. I was … Continue reading

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Setup.rul 380

I love meaningless error messages. I didn’t take a screenshot of this particular one but it said, and I quote: Error “Setup.rul 380” has occurred and Setup cannot continue This error occurred when I wiped clean a relatively new Dell … Continue reading

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Mobile Web Browsing

As you may or may not know, I am one of the unhappy users of a Blackberry Storm. The storm is not actually such a horrible phone. I was pretty happy with it when I first got it. But then … Continue reading

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Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (The Movie)

This review may contain some spoilers, because I couldn’t figure out hot to complain about the shitty ending without giving away a little bit of the story in the process. You have been warned. The Prince of Persia movie is … Continue reading

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Why I’m not a big fan of MMO’s

Years ago I discovered Morrowind – my first sandbox RPG game. Possibly the best game I have ever played. I was blown away by its expansive world inhabited by hundreds of named NPC’s, dozens of factions (each with its own … Continue reading

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Rapid Fire Book Reviews: Singularity Sky, Marooned in Realtime, Consider Phlebeas

Guess what time it is kids? It’s time for yet another round of my rapid fire book reviews. Btw, I’m quite astonished how many geeks out there don’t actually read books. I have talked to many people who were otherwise … Continue reading

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Python: Tips and Tricks

As you may have noticed, I have been messing around with python quite a bit lately. I remember trying it out back in college and using it on few small projects and then abandoning it for a while. Then I … Continue reading

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Book of Eli

So yeah… This movie looks a lot like Fallout 3. Yep, that’s pretty much all the good things that I can say about it. Stylistically, it reminds me of a game I like. Sadly that game had a better script. … Continue reading

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I accidentally the whole Windows 7

It was Monday and the incessant blinking LED on my phone just wouldn’t leave me alone. It was demanding attention. The LCD display didn’t help either. It was showing a large 1 accompanied by an envelope. Someone has called the … Continue reading

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New Toy: Compaq Presario 1800

I have inherited yet another old laptop. This time it is a lovely Compaq Presario 1800. If you have never actually seen one of these, here is how it looks like: I have no clue what is it with my … Continue reading

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Apparently Sports are Like Text Editors

I just wanted to share an observation with you. Maybe you have experienced this too. Let me know. Recently I came to a conclusion that a lot of people are really into team sports. And I don’t mean that they … Continue reading

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Vampires are in right now. They have suddenly become fashionable and sought after. You could say that this was probably caused by a bunch of very poorly written “wish fulfillment” novels that drove teenage girls crazy. But Twilight novels seem … Continue reading

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Training Dummies in Bethesda Games

Guys, remember how Morrowind and Oblivion had training dummies literally everywhere? You know these wooden things that existed solely to have NPC’s wailing on them every once in a while? Or the little targets for bow practice? Hell, even Fallout … Continue reading

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You can’t convert pirates into customers

Hey folks, remember when I said that pirates never were and never will be paying customers? Well, here is a proof of that. Back at the begging of May a company called Wolfire had a really cool promotion: The Humble … Continue reading

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