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Good movies are hard to find these days. This is one of them. Don’t pass this one up! I don’t give glowing reviews to movies lightly, but this one is just good. It has everything – good story, good plot, … Continue reading

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Because Alliance are total jerks…

Once upon a time I said I will not play WoW anymore. It turns out I lied. I’m back in the game once again – though not entirely of my volition. My brother decided to give in and try the … Continue reading

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Video Game Commercials

Does anyone else here think that the modern, pre-rendered, “cinematic” video game TV spots are a bit silly? Just look at this Starcraft 2 commercial and tell me what you think: Do you know what I think about it? I … Continue reading

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Alpha Protocol: Complaints

Last week I gave Alpha Protocol a glowing review. I purposefully held back all my complaints because… Well, I thought that the game was pretty good. That said, it did have some serious issues. Today I will complain about everything … Continue reading

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Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol is a damn good game! Here, I said it. It is not perfect by any means. It has flaws, but I really, really enjoyed it. After playing largely disappointing titles such as Mirror’s Edge and Just Cause 2, … Continue reading

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Explaining Gaming to Farmville Enthusiasts

Have you ever had people make comments about your video gaming habits? Non gamers love to say things like “all you do is play your games all day” or “I don’t know what you see in these things”. This is … Continue reading

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Happy Evoloterra

Happy Evoloterra folks! Today is a very special holiday that no one knows or cares about – the anniversary of the first moon landing. It was the first time in the history of mankind when an Earthling left his home … Continue reading

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Real time clock in the HUD

How can you tell the difference between a desk of a gamer and a non gamer at a glance? Assume that the computer is hidden somewhere so you can’t really tell whether it is a gaming rig or just a … Continue reading

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Name That Game

Yep, it’s that time to play Name that Game again. Last two games I made were nostalgia driven with screen shots of old but awesome games I grew up playing. This time I decided to stick to modern titles. Some … Continue reading

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Homeopatic Remedies and Duck the Barbarian

Last week I caught some nasty flu like bug and I have been walking around, sneezing, snorting and coughing my lungs out for several days. I am generally not a pill person. A lot of people I know love to … Continue reading


The problem to end all problems

We spend out lives worrying about all kinds of things. Everyone has their own little problems: late to work, had a fight with the significant other, got a parking ticket, struggling to pay of debt, etc… Some of us are … Continue reading

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Excel Tricks

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I’m not a big fan of MS office. But most of my hate is clustered around Word and the silly WYSIWYG mentality. That said, Excel or rather spreadsheet tools in general … Continue reading

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Just Cause 2

I picked up Just Cause 2 because I kept hearing how it is this awesome free-form sandbox experience. I think the best description of this game is GTA cone with a grappling hook and infinite amount of parachutes. It is … Continue reading

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MMO Crafting Economies

Some time ago Shamus Young wrote an excellent piece explaining why in-game economies in most RPG’s are horribly broken. To make a long story short, it is because every time a player character visits a local dungeon he comes back … Continue reading

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I don’t like audio books. I guess that I’m a bit prejudiced against them because the only people I have actually seen listening to these things were a bit on the stupid side. Worse than the people who “don’t do … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day

Hey folks, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy belated independence day! The bad news is that this year the holiday fell on Sunday which is stupid. There should be some law that restricts national holidays to Mondays and … Continue reading

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When I saw the trailer for Splice I thought to myself: “Wow, I remember that I totally hated this movie back when it was called Species“. Btw, did you know that they made 4 Species movies? I somehow managed to … Continue reading

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Wikipedia and TV Tropes are some of my favorite websites. Sadly, every time you visit one of them, you risk being sucked in for hours. You look up one definition, and the next thing you know it is 3 hours … Continue reading

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