Happy Wedding!

Unfortunately I don’t have any real content for today. That real life thing I mentioned the other week cut into my blogging time. But instead of making excuses I figured out I might as well use this space to send best wedding wishes to favorite cousin and her future husband.

Anetta and Mark – congratulations and have an awesome wedding!


Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations...

I am incredibly happy for you! I really want to make your wedding memorable so here is the stuff I am planning to do tomorrow*:

  1. Step on the brides veil… Twice.
  2. Fart really loudly in church then give the priest a dirty look as if it was him.
  3. Deliver my toast by talking out of my ass Ace Ventura style
  4. Secretly hire the Dan Band to perform the rated R version of the Total Eclipse of the Heart
  5. Trip and fall onto the wedding cake
  6. I’m pretty sure I will come up with more stuff before tomorrow

I guess I should reach out to my readers: do you guys have any funny wedding stories? Any wedding pranks you saw or experienced yourself? Let me know in the comments.

And now, congratulations Evangelion style:

I am quite sure that unlike most Terminalists neither the bride or the groom have ever watched or even heard about Evangelion. But that is ok, because this means they will view the clip above just as a silly string of congratulations – which is exactly what I wanted to covey here.

Once again, congratulations!

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