Another Brief Break in Posting

For those of you who are interested the wedding on Saturday went great. Unfortunately the level of my involvement in this event depleted my post queue once again. Just like last time I’m taking the rest of the week off as I recuperate, gather my wits and write the next batch of posts.

The good news is that this is most likely the last major interruption to my blogging schedule I can see on the horizon.

In the meantime, let me give you some other things to read and peruse at your leisure. This is sort of a random crap-shoot collection of links without any rhyme or order to them.

First off, I wanted to share yet another aggregator of cool online content called Give Me Something to Read. It is basically an editorial selection of the top online articles bookmarked by the users of the Instant Paper service. What distinguishes this site from other ones like it is that it favors actual online articles of substance. Most of the entries actually have some thought provoking and meaningful content and substantial length. It is not a news service which means sensationalized articles written by professional journalistic trolls that specialize in pissing off geeky news aggregators do not show up there. It is a nice link to add to your collection.

The latest “what’s in your pocket” style article by Jeff Atwood made me realize that it is about time to swap out my personal pocket arsenal which has not changed for over a year now. I am serious – I still carry all the items I described here with the exception of the phone which was replaced by a crackberry storm. Now I’m seriously considering buying this multitool and this flashlight.

Finally, a great article analyzing the Star Wars screenwriting process in great detail. A very good read.

That’s all I have for today.

Regular posting will resume next week.

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