Happy Pi Day!

Today’s post is a lazy one… Namely, I’m just gonna make π jokes. Feel free to add your jokes in the comments. Note that I’m re-hosting the images but linking to the source where available to be nice. Also, I dumped the pictures on imgur so that people could hot-link to them if they wanted to. Because whenever I post a cartoon of some sort someone always does.

Here is the old and tired one, but I will repeat it once again:

Yes, I know this is older than old.

This one seems to be recent. I believe I posted it in /dev/random already but… I’m lazy, so here is a repost:

Mind = Blown

How about an XKCD classic?

Click to visit the original comic

Here is another one:

Click for source

Strangely enough Toothpaste for Dinner does not have individual pages for their archival comics so I’m linking to an archive page (the comic is somewhere there):

Click for source (somewhere in there)

This one is actually not that funny, but oh well:

Source unknown

Here is one more from the same artist:

Self Portrait

Source Unknown

If you have any good π jokes, put them in the comments. Actually, any math jokes will do.

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  1. nitro2k01 SWEDEN Mozilla Firefox Mac OS Terminalist says:

    A little late, perhaps, but 3/14 is not pi day, it’s (1/2)tau day!

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