Setup Assitant 0.8 is out

Firstly, sorry for dropping off the face of the earth yesterday morning. My host sucks, and I’m to lazy and too afraid of change to do anything about it. Secondly, sorry about lame pi related post. I just wasn’t that creative on Sunday evening so this was the best I could do on short notice.

Thirdly, Setup Assistant 0.8 is out. Actually there are not many changes to the tool. I mostly cleaned it up (I noticed that a lot of the links from the Malware tab were mirrored in the Misc tab) added some quick Winsock fix commands and fixed one annoying typo in the license. So Setup Assistant is now Freeware instead of Feeware. Sorry to all the feeware enthusiasts out there, I just couldn’t keep it under that license any longer.

I also revamped the project web page which is now considerably less ugly. It’s still Google Sites but I actually managed to make the URL more readable. You can now access it by going to:

SA of course stands for Setup Assistant. But if it helps, you can try remembering it as “Shaved Artichokes”. It’s almost the same thing.

Finally, I have realized that Apple already has a OSX tool known as Setup Assistant, which means that there is just no way for me to actually get my crappy little tool on the front page of Google when someone tries searching for it’s name. So I’m going to refer to it as “Luke’s Setup Assistant” (which is actually a fairly unique phrase) from now on. If you link to the tool anywhere (thank you), could you please update the link with that phrase so Google can get the hint?

I added the link to the page in the sidebar under My Pages, mostly for Google Juice. Also, someone asked me to do this at some point. I should probably make the link more visible but it will do for now, since Dragon Age 2 is calling my name now.

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