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Advice for new Helpdesk Analyst

My morning ritual at work is at follows: I roll into the office, scamper into the IT cave, drop my bag down, turn my computer on and while it boots I make a bee line for the local coffee dispenser. … Continue reading

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The Firewall Saga: Part 4

The saga continues. If you haven’t been following this series, you can catch up to speed here. What follows might be funnier that way. It is the day after the Beef Instrumentality Incident #631. We are finally chugging along on … Continue reading

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Yet Another DRM Rant

Ubisoft recently released an interesting little game called “From Dust” in which you play as some sort of nebulous, elemental entity who helps a lost tribe of worshipers to rebuild their civilization. It looked like a fun, modern riff on … Continue reading

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