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Hunger Games

Hunger Games is the third great Young Adult book series phenomenon that has made it into big leagues with a big budget movie adaptation. Arriving at the tail of Harry Potter and Twilight it seems to posses the most balanced … Continue reading

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Value too large for defined data type

In my super-massive vim post I have mentioned that CTAGS are the bees-knees of vim lifestyle. A lifestyle which may not be as glamorous as that of marketrioid marsupials for example, but we fucking like it. I just found a … Continue reading

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How to train your dragon. And by dragon I mean vim. And by train I mean configure.

Last week I posted this long winded persuasive article trying to convince you why using a nearly 40 year old text editor is a good idea. I hope by now I have all of you convinced, or at the very … Continue reading

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Elements of Addiction

Guys, guess what? Steve Yegge has committed a blog post again! Sound the trumpets! If you don’t know who Steve Yegge is, shame on you. Actually, I guess you could be excused because he tends to regularly fall of the … Continue reading

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Why Vim?

People ask me why on Earth would I subject myself to such dreadful text editor as vim. With it’s weird mode system, nonstandard keyboard shortcuts and all kinds of strange quirks it is not what you would call a user-friendly … Continue reading

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Help me design a Terminally Incoherent logo

Ok, here is the thing: I’m not a designer. For the most part I’m just a semi-decent code monkey with an overblown online ego. I do know a lot of the principles that drive good design, and I can talk … Continue reading

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The Darkness II

I bought it, played it and decided it was not worth my money. That’s about the whole review. There is really not much to say about this game other than it really failed to deliver the entertainment I was hoping … Continue reading

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Favorite Programming Font

There are two types of programmers in the world: those who care about programming font, and those who don’t concern themselves with typography. As a code producing entity, why would you even need to care about such things as fonts? … Continue reading

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Putting your Vim files under version control

If you are like me – a computer nomad, roaming from one machine to another throughout the day – you should put your Vim configuration files under source control. Cause, you are using vim, right? If you are not using … Continue reading

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Extensa by Jacek Dukaj

Here I am again, reviewing a novel most of you probably won’t be able to read. The good news it’s the last one I have for now. The bad news is that I might get more at some point. But … Continue reading

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What if Neil Gaiman wrote The Matrix as a *chan creepypasta

Dear friend, I hope this letter finds you in good health. You have probably heard about my sudden disappearance seven years ago. I apologize for not writing to you earlier, but there are certain rules I had to abide by … Continue reading

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Generation Mobile

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you are at a family function, or a party of some sort. People brought their kids with them – little ones. The kind that tend to run around and squeal at the top of … Continue reading

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In Time

Old age is a fatal disease. It spares no one, and over the ages we have learned to accept it as inevitability. We have grown to expect, and even praise it as something good – something beneficial. But for all … Continue reading

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Forum Experiment Revisited

To me, the best thing about running this blog is the comments. I love the fact that over years I have managed to build a small community of regulars here. I like to see the familiar gravatars popping up in … Continue reading

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