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Robots in Love

I just stumbled upon this rather intriguing anecdote about AI research gone amusingly awry. What amazes me the most about it, is the fact that I would expect it to see it being a plot to a science fiction story, … Continue reading

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PowerShell: Delete Files Smaller than 10MB

Remember how I always talk about redundant backups? Let me tell you a story about what happens when you don’t have them. Few months ago I purchased a 2TB external drive to replace an older LaCie drive that I suspected … Continue reading

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Have you ever tried printing something from an iOS device lately? Can you explain to me why Apple decided not to give power users a way to use standard network printing protocols? Apple devices do not to TCP/IP printing. At … Continue reading

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The post in which I make excuses and promisse future content

So lately I have been trying this thing called “Real Life”. Not sure if I really like it, but it takes up a lot of time so once again I am strapped for Friday content. Or, if I may quote … Continue reading

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Artifacts of Simpler Times

The other day, Shamus Young made an interesting point on his blog about the so called “TV snow” – the visual distortion effect that is still very frequently used in movies or on TV: When was the last time anyone … Continue reading

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The Artistry of Code

Programming is not a craft, but an art form. A lot of professions out there merely require skill an experience. You do not need to be creative to be an excellent plumber, mechanic or a systems administrator. You simply need … Continue reading

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Humanity: Not an Immutable State

What does it mean to be human? What are characteristics of a human being? Is is ones “humaneness” and immutable state? There is this discussion going around on the internet these days about how technology is changing the way we … Continue reading

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When you reach a certain age, the question “what would you like for your birthday” becomes more or less meaningless. Being an adult with disposable income, you can easily buy all the things you “need” (like new external hard drive … Continue reading

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Reinventing Fantasy Races: My Elves are Different

I think I mentioned it once or twice, but last week I had pretty bad case of writers block. Nothing I hated pretty much everything I drafted up, and struggled to actually release content on my self imposed schedule. Naturally … Continue reading

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What’s your favorite desktop environment?

I’ve been having a case of writer’s blockage lately – a creative constipation if you will. Over the past week I drafted about a dozen articles, and ended up hating all of them so much I couldn’t bring myself to … Continue reading

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Absolute Computrance Rootkit

I initially wanted to post it on Wednesday, but I figured I might as well push it ahead a day because the problem is interesting, and there is not much publicity about it out there. Dan, a buddy of mine … Continue reading

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Personal Backups

What do you do in terms of personal backups? Or perhaps I should ask if you do personal backups at all? I mean, at work we all probably do some backups to cover our asses. If you work in IT … Continue reading

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City at the end of Time

I often rag on Fantasy for being redundant, but I have realized I might be unfair. Perhaps my definition of Fantasy is to narrow. After all, I like Neil Gaiman’s writing, and what is it if not Fantasy. Gaiman is … Continue reading

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