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Designing Websites for Programmers

Let’s say you have written a programming library or a framework and you want to put it online for all to see. Chances are you are not a web developer or a designer and perhaps you don’t have much expertise … Continue reading

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100 Most Frequently Asked Help Desk Questions and Answers

I have been working in IT for way to many years to be still considered a sane and well adjusted individual. After you spend a few years in this industry you realize that some questions asked by users keep recurring … Continue reading

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Reader Replacement Recommendations?

In March I wrote a lengthy post about death of Google Reader and my out of control subscription list that I could never even dream of keeping up with. Well, I managed to solve one of the problems I mentioned … Continue reading

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Using Vim for writing Prose

Vim is a great text editor for writing code. Anyone who claims otherwise is either an Emacs user (and you should be OK with that, because Emacs is pretty neat) or a “casual” code wrangler who sometimes dabbles in programming … Continue reading

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Ruby Gems and Warhammer

The other day I wrote about my attempts to get back into Warhammer. Today I wanted to touch upon a slightly different aspect of the hobby. The open secret of war gaming community is that models are technically optional. This … Continue reading

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Warhammer Fantasy

Along with a few of my buddies I have recently decided to get back into Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Some of you might already know what it is, but I feel that I probably need to explain the hobby to the … Continue reading

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The Least Useful Key

What is the most useless key on your keyboard? It would probably be grammatically correct to say “least useful” rather than most useless, but I actually want to talk about keyboard keys that excel at uselessness. Keys you would actually … Continue reading

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Arrested Development: Season 4

I typically don’t review sitcoms (even very good ones), but Arrested Development is a little bit of a special case. Not because of it’s popularity amongst the digital denizens or it’s uncanny ability to generate memes and quotable catch-phrases. It … Continue reading

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