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PS3/Wii Lines are like Night and Day

I was talking with one of my coworkers today, who camped out all night for the Wii with his two sons. He described is as a fun experience. Supposedly people in the line were really nice, and polite. People were … Continue reading

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Zune Sales: In the Toilet

I don’t want to say “I told you so“, but… I told you so! Zune sales just plain suck! If your product is being outsold by Sandisk you know that you are in trouble. I don’t even know what Sandisk … Continue reading

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PS3 Line Squatters

I was coming back from work last night, and I noticed a long winding line in front of my local BestBuy store. For a second there I was confused, until I remembered that today was the PS3 launch. I wanted … Continue reading

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Zune won’t work on Vista! WTF!?

Apparently Zune is not compatible with Vista and the installation program must be run in WinXP SP2 compatibility mode. This makes absolutely no sense to me! Vista is supposed to be released before the end of the year. How the … Continue reading

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Wii Wii

Do you need to Wii? comic © comissionedcomic.com Will making fund of the name of this console ever get old? :mrgreen: [tags]wii, nintendo wii, comic, humor, console, commisioned[/tags]

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Zune Sucks

You know it does! img © microsoftshitbrick.com Nothing says you are cool more than carrying a brown brick in your pocket. No matter what the fanboi’s say, it’s not as good as iPod. [tags]zune, shitbrick, brick, brown brick, brown zune, … Continue reading

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