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Adding new column to a text file

The output of some of the tests I do in my research produces pages upon pages of log files detailing what is happening to my data. This was very useful during debugging, and now it just helps me to gather … Continue reading

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Make Your Active Tab in Firefox Stand Out

Here is my little pet peeve about Firefox tabs – with the the default theme it is sometimes hard to see which tab is currently active at a glance. The difference between normal and boldface tab title is just not … Continue reading

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Remove Stuck Jobs from the Printer Queue

Did you ever had a job on your printer queue that just couldn’t be deleted? I find that this happens quite frequently with shared network printers on Windows networks. This stuff can be a pain in the ass, so here … Continue reading

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Block Ads in AIM 6.0

Anyone uses AIM around here? I finally downloaded the most recent update of their Windows client few days ago. Yes, I know I’m way behind the times, but you probably noticed that I’m not a big IM user these days … Continue reading

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Freelancer Cheat: Free Money

After all that supposed data loss excitement I have launched Freelancer to play for a bit. I immediately noticed that I was sitting in a shitty light fighter ship, and recalled that I was working toward a nice heavy fighter … Continue reading

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DST Readines Test for MySQL and PHP

Here is a quick and dirty way to see if the “MP” part of your LAMP or WIMP solution is ready for the DST time change. I tested all the production systems here today, and they seem to be working … Continue reading

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Find CPU Speed and Memory Size on Solaris

As I’m writing my thesis I’m running tests on an old SMP Solaris machine. Obviously, I need to provide the specs of this machine in the paper so that the readers can see my results in context (ie why everything … Continue reading

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Recursive Word Count

People always ask me how many lines I wrote for my thesis research project. I really don’t keep track of details like that – I just concentrate on accomplishing the goals and getting results. But I figured that I should … Continue reading

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Data Parsing and Conversion

Some time ago someone at work asked me if I know anything about data mining. I replied that I sure do. Hell, I almost wrote a thesis on automated blind database integration. It was actually quite fascinating – we used … Continue reading

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Creating a Custom Firefox Search Plugin

I decided to make a Firefox Search Plugin for this site, mostly because I was wondering how hard would it be. Surprisingly enough, it is a really easy task. You should be able to create one without any experience in … Continue reading

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Removing Myspace Music with Greasemonkey

As you may or may not know, I fucking hate when people put music on their myspace. In fact I actually dislike pretty much every single design choice that was made on that website. I don’t hate the concept – … Continue reading

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Howto: Access a POP3 Mailbox as a Filesystem

Have you even needed to delete bunch of emails queued up on a POP3 server without actually downloading them? Sure, you could just telnet to port 110 and start deleting them manually, but what if you are dealing with hundreds … Continue reading

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Hoary to Dapper – Upgrade Log

I successfully completed an upgrade from Hoary to Dapper. The process was relatively smooth but I experienced couple of bumps on the road. If you are trying to do something similar here is what do you have to do: Edit … Continue reading

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Mapping Network Drives with VBS

If you need to programatically map Windows Network drives you can do it in two ways. The quick and easy way is of course to use the net command: net use x: \\host\share I use this method routinely for startup … Continue reading

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Saving YouTube Movies

Ever found a YouTube video that you really liked, and wanted to keep? Saving your favorite clip can often be very tricky. That’s because YouTube and bunch of other sites (like Google Video) convert their videos to a flash based … Continue reading

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