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Incredible ASCII Art

Every once in a while you stumble on something really exceptional. For example, consider the two links below: Superman ASCII Art Powergirl ASCII Art In case those links go down, here are screengrabs of the links above. They are not … Continue reading

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Smoking Room Image

Here is a brilliant image painted on the ceiling of a smoking room. Click on the image to see the full version at the original location: It’s quite striking. [tags]smoking, smoking room, art[/tags]

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Local Privileges Escalation in WinXP

Did you know that you can escalate you can become the SYSTEM user on a WinXP box simply by using the at command? Try this at home: at 11:45pm /interactive cmd.exe You just scheduled a job that will pop up … Continue reading

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Thoughts on URL Scheme

A while ago I read an interesting article that claimed that our current URI addressing scheme is counter intuitive. I do not necessarily support this point of view but I thought it was an interesting point. If you think about … Continue reading

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Gigi at Comicon 2006

The Gigi Enthusiast Service has some nice pictures of Gigi Edgley at the ComicCon 2006. I guess this is a good time to do one of my “Farscape Con Stories”. For the record, I went only once, but it was … Continue reading

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Mark of Chaos Trailer

Holly Fucking Shit! I absolutely love the new Mark of Chaos Trailer [youtube mirror]. It is so incredibly bad ass cool that it leaves me speechless. If you are not a fan of Warhammer you will probably not understand. This … Continue reading

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Someone sent me this interesting mega-scale space colony image: click to enlarge Now, can anyone tell me what kind of megastructure would this be? I’m thinking that this is either O’Neil Cylinder, a Stanford Taurus or a Topopolis. Actually, both … Continue reading

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Renaissance really looks awesome! I think this movie might be a long awaited proof that Japanise are not the only people who can make really good, animation. If it lives up to all the expectations. I really hope the plot … Continue reading

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Dreamhost went down again today due to a power outage. Supposedly it was heat related, but who the hell knows. It was pouring all evening over here in NJ. :| Anyways, I’m back up and running. [tags]dreamhost, power outage, dreamhost … Continue reading

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Myspace is the one place on the web where poor web design meets with a collective lack of aesthetic sensibility and poor taste in music. Putting a colorful image as your background, and making all the layout tables transparent is … Continue reading

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Innovative Game Design

My brother always says that we got our video game preferences completely backwards. I happen to be the geeky brother who has a degree in computer science and works in IT. My brother is an art major with limited patience … Continue reading

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Latex: Citations in Figures

For some unknown, mysterious reason you can’t put a \cite command as an argument of the \caption statement. I stumbled upon this today when I was trying to attribute an image that I shamelessly snurched from the web. Apparently, the … Continue reading

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Moving Forward

It seems that the paperwork needed to finally register my thesis course is going to get done by the end of the week. And I think my assistantship is still going to cover it. I’m really relieved that I will … Continue reading

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Viral Pirate Song

That stupid Pirate Song is officially stuck in my head now. I think this is going to be the new anthem of p2p generation. :P Apparently the actual song was actually pulled from that weird, annoying kids show called Lazytown. … Continue reading

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MPAA suing a Millionaire

So far RIAA have been suing old ladies, single mothers, young children, and dead people. It is a brilliant strategy – you sue innocent people who can’t pay legal fees and extort money from them. If they can’t pay up, … Continue reading

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Cursed Dice

Reading about a guy who buried a set of allegedly cursed 10 sided dice in his back yard reminded me of our own set of dice related superstitions. You may think this guy is silly, but I can totally relate … Continue reading

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OMG! This guy beats Edoh!

I finally found someone who can compete with Dr. Edoh for the Worst Computer Science Instructor Award. At least Edoh attempted to teach us data structures using Java. This guy picked VB: Wow… Just wow… I seriously think that any … Continue reading

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New MMO Paradigms Must Emerge

Dan Rubenfield, and experienced developer who worked on titles like Ultima and Star Wars Galaxies, has posted a very interesting entry in his blog today. He notes how the MMO market is completely dominated by WoW, and that game companies … Continue reading

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War of the Worlds

I just saw War of the Worlds the other day on HBO. I never went to see it in the theaters, because I just can’t stand Tom Cruise these days. Frankly, I’m glad I didn’t waste money for a rental … Continue reading

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Comcastic, the saga continues…

If you recall, in June I had some major issues with Comcast at work. You can see my previous posts here and here. It is now July 23 and my issue is still not resolved. I called them almost every … Continue reading

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Video Games and Violence

Consider this graph: Curiously, it shows a sudden drop in violent crimes among youth in US. It was taken from an article that surfaced at sometime last year. It was recently revisited on digg, and on gamepolitics. The actual … Continue reading

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Stewart + Hodgman + Net Neutrality

Here is another Net Neutrality video from John Stewart. This time he pairs up with John “I’m a PC” Hodgman: alternate link [tags]john stewart, net neutrality, john hodgman, daily show, humor[/tags]

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Comment Spammers Suck!

I just installed a CAPTCHA for my comment box. It will be interesting to see if the amount of spam tappers off now. I think it should. If it doesn’t, then one of the following is happening: we are dealing … Continue reading

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The 10th Dimension

Thinking in 2 or 3 dimensions is easy, as we are used to it. Everyone can easily visualize a cube with width, height and depth. 4th dimension is a little bit more tricky, but most people can still wrap their … Continue reading

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Felten Defends Stevens

Ed Felten decided that he is not going to make jokes about Senator “Tubes” Stevens. In his blog, he tries to go against the grain and defend the poor guy from the ridicule. Ed, we get it. No one is … Continue reading

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