WTF is Alien vs. Alien?

Can someone tell me what is [tag]Alien vs. Alien[/tag] aka [tag]Final Destination[/tag] aka [tag]The Final Frontier[/tag]? All I know is that it is a science fiction movie and [tag]Gigi Edgley[/tag] is in it. Other than that, there is just no information about it available. It is listed on her IMDB resume but IMDB proper does not list it under any of the names.

I know that working titles are usually shitty, but DUDE! How about not naming your movie after a very established franchise? First you run against AVP, then you steal the name of a shitty thriller that spawned multiple sequels, and your third choice is a Star Trek title? What in the god’s green fuck were they smoking?

Judging from the creativity in the title choices, this picture sounds like a low budget exercise in regurgitation of alien-themed scifi cliches. I will still want to watch it though just to see Gigi doing her thing. :mrgreen:

Gigi looks cute in [tag]Last Train to Freo[/tag]:

Gigi on Last Train to FreoGigi on Last Train to FreoGigi on Last Train to Freo
click to embigen

The trailer, is surprisingly light on Gigi content – especially considering that there are only like 5 actors in this movie total. I can tell you right now that it will never fly here in US. It is one of those “5 people on a train talking” movies which would put even the most open minded, cultured American audiences to sleep in 3 minutes flat (yes we suffer from cultural ADD). At least that’s the impression I got from the clip.

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