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I have been asked for an update on my Comcast situation. The truth is that I completely forgot about that whole thing over the past several weeks. But since I ranted about it over several posts, I guess it is only fair to type up some kind of wrap-up post to end that story. If you have no clue what I’m talking about here is a refresher:

First, Comcast decided to suck. Then it proceded to suck even more. And then it sucked even more than that.

You could say that it’s a whole lot of suck right there. And you would be absolutely right. The only place where you can get more suck than that, is at an imaginary Asian whorehouse on the “sukee sukee five dollah” night.

I didn’t post any updates about this since July mostly because I ceased to be pissed at Comcast. Eventually, after a long protracted fight, countless man-hours spent chatting to their tech support on the phone, a dozen of modem replacements, and around 50 on-site visits they resolved the issue.

And guess what – it was a problem with their equipment on the pole outside our building. Exactly what we told them it would be on day one. It only took them several months to figure this out.

To make the long story short, one of these jackasses finally climbed the damn thing only to find out that the equipment that connecting our building to the pipe is 3 generations outdated, and a wee bit corroded. Also the wire that connects us to the pole was the thin, sucky low bandwidth garbage they use for residential houses with a single cable box and a modem. It was definitely not designed to service 5+ cable subscribes and at least 2 broadband connections (I’m not sure how many other people in the building use Comcast as their ISP).

They fixed the cable box on the pole-side and promised to re-cable us. Whether they did carry out phase 2 of that plan, is still a bit of a mystery. I wouldn’t be able to tell the Comcast cable from the DSL line, or the phone line just by looking at it anyway. They never really tell us when they do the outside work so we might still be connected via the shitty residential cable for all I know.

But then again, we haven’t really had much problems since then. So it’s probably safe to assume that whatever they did, worked. As a result, my rage against Comcast subsided considerably and I haven’t felt an urge to rant about them. Thus, no updates in a long while.

Of course posting about all of this most likely jinxed us, and we are going to go down first thing tomorrow morning. And if we do, you will be the first to hear about it.

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  1. marty AUSTRALIA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    The only place where you can get more suck than that, is at an imaginary Asian whorehouse on the “sukee sukee five dollah” night.

    I lol’d.

    I’m in Aussieland, where our monopoly telecom provider (technically there is competition, but since they own all the cables in the roads I don’t know where the competition is) told me repeatedly that ADSL was unavailable. Until I ordered ISDN (gah!) instead, in which case they could suddenly upgrade my line to better copper and provide ADSL.

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  2. marty AUSTRALIA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Didn’t close <i>.

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  3. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Heh… ISDN – the glorified dialup. :P

    Wait… They wouldn’t sell you ADSL unless you bought ISDN? Why? I mean, if you were willing to buy ADSL from them anyway then what would be their reason not to sell it to you?

    Oh, I fixed your italics things. I hope you don’t mind. :mrgreen:

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  4. marty AUSTRALIA Internet Explorer Windows says:

    No problems :)

    No, they wouldn’t sell me ADSL because my lines were bad. They would sell me ISDN, but as part of the installation, they sent out a tech to fix my lines…

    The tech asked “Why don’t you get ADSL instead?” which just about floored me, and then he called up the ISP side of the business, cancelled the ISDN install and ordered ADSL for me instead.

    The “official” story is that the exchange was out of ports until after I ordered ISDN which just happened to be after new ports went in. Strange, cos on the phone they said it was “you have bad lines”.

    Why would they do this? Because there isn’t a budget in ADSL installs, but there is for ISDN installs (that’s my guess, because otherwise it is due to little fairy godmothers that wave wands back at the telecom HQ)


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  5. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Wow… One would think that ASDL == more expensive == more money for the company. Usually the companies try to sell you the most expensive package they have. :P

    Heh.. I guess this is what happens when you have a monopoly in the market. The service becomes crappy, and the company gets entangled in it’s own red tape, and beaurocracy to the point they can’t effectively do business anymore. But since they own the market, that doesn’t bother them one bit…

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