Stop the Whining

People need to fucking stop whining about:

  • Cell Phones – I’m sick and tired listening to people constantly whining that they are slaves to their own cellphones. Here is a little tip: switch it off.

    Cell phones have an off switch and a caller ID for a reason. You don’t have to be available if you don’t want to. You don’t need to pick up the phone every time it rings. And no one can make you!If it is a life threatening emergency then they will call you again. If it’s not, you can call them back on your own schedule. It’s that simple.

  • Privacy on the Internet – there is no such thing. Period. Get over it! And if you don’t want your mom to see the pictures from your drunken orgy, perhaps you shouldn’t post your full name, address, and class schedule on myspace/facebook right next to them.
  • Scary Stuff on the daily news – almost every day, I hear someone declaring that the world has gone crazy because of something they heard on the news or read online. Then they go and reminisce about how everything was so much better in the good old days when everyone was polite, there was no war, and unicorns pooped piles of golden coins on every street corner.

    Jesus Tap Dancing Christ – there was always war, and there were always sick, deranged murderers, child molesters, perverts and rapists out there. Seriously, let’s go get a copy of a newspaper from 20 years ago and I will show you all the crazy, deranged shit that was happening at the time. You just forgot all about it, because it doesn’t really fucking matter.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t be concerned about the war and the direction it is taking. We should be very concerned about that. I’m just saying that this is not something new or unusual. We have a long story of fucked up, drawn out wars. And we have even longer history of fucked up criminal activities. The stuff they show on the news is just a collection of shock value stories. It’s not some evidence supporting the imminent downfall of western society.

  • Inappropriate toys/games for children – there is no such thing. When I was growing up we had toy guns that looked like real weapons, and toy swords that could really puncture your skin. Our playground was made out of steel concrete and broken glass (cause the local drunks would get wasted there during the night). We would shoot at pigeons and each other with BB Guns, blow shit up with potassium nitrate, and played knife throwing games. And hey, I turned out just right. No one ever died, lost an eye, a limb or turned out to be a murderer.
  • Violent Video Games – the whole discussion of violence in video games is so stupid that it makes my brain hurt. If the box has a sticker with a letter M on it, then your underage kid has no business playing it! And if you can’t be bothered to monitor your kids activities, then it’s your own fucking fault and you are not allowed to whine and cry about it.

    And besides, see above. I do not believe that violent games are harmful as long as parents are doing their job

So, can we please, please stop complaining about all this crap? Cause it is really getting old and stupid.

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2 Responses to Stop the Whining

  1. Wikke BELGIUM Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I have another one: “The war on terror”
    I mean, some decades ago, you heard the same shit, but then it was all the Commies.
    Terror is a thread, but more people get killed by a car in my country alone than worldwide by terror!

    And all the safety precautions to “stop terrorists”, it’s a good thing, ofcourse, but if i were a terrorist, i wouldn’t blow up a plane anymore, simply because it’s too secured! I’d look for something else.

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