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Tech Support Woes

Dumb users are dumb: User: I decided to clean up my hard drive a little bit. Is there any stuff I can safely delete to make more room? Me: Well, any of your old files that you don’t use – … Continue reading

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CNN Readers have no love for Vista

I’m totally loving this poll: source –; click to enlarge It seems that few people are rushing to get Vista. In fact, there are more CNN readers who do don’t care about the new OS at all, than those … Continue reading

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Ultimate DRM Buster 2000

I present to you, the Ultimate DRM Buster 2000: photo © me This nifty cable should allow you to copy all the protected music you want. You simply plug in one end to the earphone jack, you plug in the … Continue reading

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Bizarre Windows Installation Issue

I’m trying to reinstall windows on an Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop. There is just no point in rescuing the current installation because it was running for several months without patching or an anti-virus installed. I actually ran it through the … Continue reading

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Vista DRM already cracked.

It appears that Alex Ionescu cracked the Vista DRM. At least he claims that he did. History likes to repeat itself… This will likely be like DeCSS all over again. DRM is just a flawed idea. Let me explain to … Continue reading

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Blast from the Past: Mozilla stomps IE

Ok, who remembers this: img © Apparently at the height of the browser wars in 97, someone dropped a huge, heavy IE sculpture at the lawn in front of Netscape offices in the dead of the night. Few people … Continue reading

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Microsoft trying to patent BlueJ?

Here is a WTF of the evening for you: Microsoft copies an idea, admits to it and then patents it. To make the long story short, they essentially filed a patent claim for… Well, whatever BlueJ does. They implemented strikingly … Continue reading

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Your Favorite Imaging Software?

Here is a question for you guys: what is your favorite imaging software, and why? I have a pile of old laptops that should be imaged. These machines are from 5 or 6 different dell models in there – each … Continue reading

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Reading Comprehension Skills

Thursdays are my research days which means I get a whole day off of work, and go to sit in my tiny office at MSU all day long, trying to get my thesis finished. Just to make it clear that … Continue reading

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Maintaining Sun Java Desktop System (R2)

Here is a question for you – how do I do anything with a Sun JDS Release 2 system? Sun has end-of-life’d it, and there is no community around it. So I have an old system here that no one … Continue reading

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MacGyver’s Favorite Tool

Man, I used to love that show when I was a kid: found @ McGyver is not the only one who can do amazing things out of paperclips. After all, there was that dude who traded a paperclip for … Continue reading

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HP LJ 3055 Software is Garbage (HPTLBXFX.EXE issues)

I’m never buying HP all-in-one printers again. I really can’t complain about the hardware that much because it is decent as with all HP products. But the software that comes with it is a total piece of shit. Windows recognizes … Continue reading

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Windows Task Scheduler: Kill Running Tasks

At work we have bunch of automated scripts running on one of the servers. Most are either batch scripts or PHP scripts that are triggered at various intervals sending out automatic email notifications, or some important business stats to the … Continue reading

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Immortality: Consciousness Interruption Problem

Let’s talk about immortality. The concept of eternal life has been present in our fiction since the ancient times but in most cases it was the domain of supernatural being such as gods, faeries, spirits, vampires and etc. In most … Continue reading

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The Final Five

BSG fans – I call upon thee. Riddle me this: The Eye of Jupiter temple was created by the 13’th Colony. The temple did not actually hold the eye but the instructions of how to find it – the eye … Continue reading

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A small ini file is all I ask for…

On Friday I decided that I needed some mindless entertainment. Since I was in the mood for space adventure, smuggling and dogfights in asteroid fields I dusted off my copy of Freelancer. I would go with Frontier which is probably … Continue reading

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Random Sunday Mix

Random web stuff for your viewing pleasure: Router Manual – I LOL’d at this! Flash Element TD – addictive. A guaranteed time waster. O’RLY plushie – Ya RLY! Twigger’s Holiday – if you haven’t seen it, see it now: Episode … Continue reading

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I carefully cut off the bottom…

This thing has been making rounds on the internets. I have no clue what forum it originated from – if you can find the original source, post a link in the comments and I will credit it. So without further … Continue reading

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I am the master of procrastination

I cannot tell you how many times I did just that: comic © phdcomics; click for full size Story of my life… [tags]procrastination, phd, phdcomics, comics, humor[/tags]

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Convert PNG to EPS

If you are a LaTex user like me you will instantly recognize what I’m getting at here. LaTex does not work well with most of the popular image formats such as JPG, BMP, PNG or GIF. It does like encapsulated … Continue reading

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Antitrust Laws At Work?

Stephen Colbert explains how antitrust laws apply to AT&T: if you can’t see the video click here I find it funny how these days only fake news shows actually talk about meaningful stuff, and make really insightful observations. :P [tags]at&t, … Continue reading

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USB to USB Adapter?

Can someone explain to me what is the purpose of this adapter? I found it in my pile o’ random parts at work. There are no markings on it – no brand, no serial number, no nothing. It only has … Continue reading

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Your Top 5 Favorite Firefox Extensions

I do this every once in a while because the list of my favorite extensions tends to change over time. Here are the ones I currently use: Adblock – hands down, the best extension ever invented in the universe. If … Continue reading

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isoHunt Dead?

It seems that isoHunt has been fucked by their ISP. From their website: Update, Jan. 16, 2007 Lawyers from our primary ISP decided to pull our plug without any advance notice, as of 14:45 PST. No doubt related to our … Continue reading

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Lost Will Have an Ending

It seems that ABC is beginning to slowly realize what we were all saying ever since season 3 started. Multiplying mysteries ad nauseum is not a formula for success. It might work initially, but it does not make a good … Continue reading

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