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Happy New Year

I may or may not be busy getting ready to celebrate the end of the year today. I may or may not be intoxicated later on. In either case, I wanted to wish everyone Happy New Year! For your reference … Continue reading


Reflections on the Wii

Believe it or not but until this month my exposure to the new generation of consoles, including the Wii was minimal. The only console I have ever owned was a PS1, but that was long time ago. I simply never … Continue reading


Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

As you may recall, I’m a big fan of split keyboards. In general, I believe that if you are the type of person who spends most of their life in front of a computer, you ought to invest in high … Continue reading



Sorry for another filler post guys. I’m taking the rest of this week off due to holiday madness. Robot Santa is being especially destructive and ruthless in my area. Regular posts will be back on Monday. In the meantime I … Continue reading


Merry X-Mas!

Robot Santa strikes at midnight! Are you prepared? May you have a safe and death-free X-mas. I hope your defense systems may keep the mad robot at bay this year.


Users don’t know bout my tilde

Classic unix web addresses are incomprehensible to average users. I’m talking about URL’s that are composed of a domain name, followed by a slash, a tlide and your user name. Something like this: http://domain.tld/~yourname These addresses are incredibly common. Chances … Continue reading


How did we live without facebook?

As part of the multi-stage group project, my students have to prepare a set of PowerPoint slides and present them in class. The topics vary, and while I have a running list of technology related subjects they can use, I … Continue reading


Gifts for Geeks, Stuff that Matters

So… Anyone else left their Christmas shopping for the last minute? I should have learned not to do this years ago, but somehow I always end up doing the same damn thing around this time. Ah, the joy of wandering … Continue reading


OS agnosticism is good for you

I was talking to a student recently about the MS Office 2007 ribbon feature and how it throws many people off at first. I asked her if this was also her experience, but she replied that she had no major … Continue reading


Set your code free!

If you set your code free, it will gain a life of it’s own! I was googling my self the other day (what, you don’t do it?) and I stumbled onto something interesting. I found few results pointing back to … Continue reading


Kevin Kelly’s Movage

I have quoted Kevin Kelly many times in the past. You should definitely check out his blog, as he is full of profound little insights about the future of technology. In one of his recent posts he brought up an … Continue reading


Small Theme Cleanup

This blog got bubbled up to the front page of Digg and Reddit once or twice in the past. I remember that the browser post turned out to be a huge hit that made my server blow up. It’s always … Continue reading


What games are you playing right now?

Super lazy post for Friday. I had a mega clusterfuck at work this week, and Comcast decided to shut down my internet access at midnight EVERY FUCKING DAY this week due to some bullshit maintenance. And there is X-mas related … Continue reading


Text Files Are Mysterious

Sigh… This is going to be a short post, because something just died inside of me and I need to go bang my head against the brick wall to relieve the pain. It’s also vaguely related to my post from … Continue reading


Why do People Pirate?

This is very old news by now but I will bring it up because it helps me to frame my point. Remember that delightful little indie game called World of Goo which I reviewed not so long ago? It turns … Continue reading


Is it ok that my file is only 1KB?

Yesterday I blogged about my experience teaching LOGO to non-cs students but I forgot to mention an interesting observation I made. Most students did not believe me when I told them to save their code as a plain text file … Continue reading


Teaching LOGO to non-CS Students

Back in April I mentioned teaching bits of LOGO to my Fluency in Technology class using the Tortue interpreter. I actually did not get to it last semester so this experiment had to wait. I finally managed to cover it … Continue reading


What is your favorite video game genre?

Yet another Friday poll. I’m doing these when I’m feeling lazy, but Shhh… Don’t tell anyone! I have like 3 books, and a movie in my review queue but they are all kinda complex and I didn’t feel like tackling … Continue reading


Game Idea: Space Trading Sim + FPS Style RPG

We had so much fun designing our imaginary Stealth Survival Horror game that I want to do it again. Here is my new idea: Space Trading Sim + FPS style RPG. Let me give you a Hollywood pitch for this … Continue reading


Video Games are Not Addictive After All

Most of you probably know what I think about the so called “video game addiction”. If you don’t (and you are to lazy to click on that link that I just posted) I will summarize it here: it is plain … Continue reading


AppJet: Another Cloud Application Framework

A little while ago I talked about Google App Engine being a sign of new good things to come. I was convinced that this was too good of an idea to just be ignored. Other people were bound to get … Continue reading


Clojure: Lisp on the JVM

I have found a new toy! It is called Clojure. What is it? It is a Lisp dialect that runs on the JVM. Hey, hey, where are you going! Crap! Around 85% of the readers just left the site in … Continue reading