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Quake Live

I should really stop finding new and exciting time wasters for myself. And yet, these things just keep finding their way into my browser somehow. My newest browser distraction is Quake Live. Quake Live? Luke, have you been living under … Continue reading

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My work laptop is a little bit on the heavy side. It works well as a desktop replacement which is how I use it these days. I hardly ever use it without an external monitor mouse and keyboard. I’m actually … Continue reading

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Farcry 2: Bored me to tears

Picking up Farcry 2 was a mistake. I just could not get into it. I really tried – I intended to give this game a chance. After all, it is an FPS and I generally enjoy FPS games. It is … Continue reading

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If you never had to work again…

This topic conversation comes up over and over again for me. I find myself talking about work, not having enough holidays, and weekends being way to short. I mean, come on – 5 days of work vs 2 days of … Continue reading

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Happy Hobbit Day!

Happy Hobbit Day folks! What? You didn’t know? Of course you didn’t – because the date is wrong. Both Bilbo and Frodo were born on Sept 22, on the Shire Calendar and not Gregorian. So their birthday would probably be … Continue reading

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Zombie Survival Kit

Zombie outbreaks are a recurring theme here. We have already discussed our Zombie Survival Plans™ in much detail. The general idea was to try to get away from urban and suburban areas and head North into Canada and Alaska territories. … Continue reading

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Talk Like a Pirate Day

Hey kids. Guess what day is tomorrow? It’s one of the most important of internet holidays : the International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yep, it’s that day when everyone on the whole internet suddenly becomes Guybrush Threepwood and tries … Continue reading

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Remotely Rename a Computer in a Windows Domain

Here is a nifty trick I learned today: remotely renaming computers joined to a windows domain. Yes, yes – it seems trivial, but if you have ever considered doing it, you would quickly notice that there is no option for … Continue reading

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What happened to 3rd Person Looters?

What happened to the so called hack and slash genre? You know what I’m talking about, right? Diablo clones? Third person looters? Does that ring a bell? I remember a time when there were tons of games being built around … Continue reading

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How to become the local Computer Guy

You know what really kills me? When people assume that I actually went to school to learn how to remove spyware from their fucking computer. An average person seems to have absolutely no clue what can you possibly need to … Continue reading

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Reality Disfunction by Peter F. Hamilton

I was a bit skeptical about Reality Disfunction by Peter F. Hamilton. One of the reviews I read compared it to David Brinn’s Uplift Saga saying it was just as good, if not better. That worried me because I didn’t … Continue reading

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8×8 Hosted PBX

A while ago, I mentioned toying around with the VoIP system from 8×8. Well, I’m at it again and I must say that I like this system. As far as the voice over IP solutions go, their offer is one … Continue reading

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Vim – Add Line Numbers

Have I mentioned that I love Vim? It is such a useful little tool. Let me give you an example. The other day someone gave me a messy list – a dump of email addresses from some database as a … Continue reading

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Time Traveler’s Backpack

Let’s say you are a time traveler – possibly the first one in history. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to travel back to the future and come back with valuable intel. Yeah, this is the old, … Continue reading

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What comic books did you read as a kid? Me? I grew up reading Thorgal and Funky Koval and Chninkel. These graphic novels were way above my maturity level, and I would be oblivious to their more complex nuances, but … Continue reading

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SSH From Behind a Firewall via HTTP Proxy

The other day, I found myself behind a fairly draconian firewall. There are really two philosophies when setting up a corporate network. One is to block everything inbound while allowing everything outbound. The other one is just to block everything … Continue reading

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Textarea Cache

Have you ever typed a long, insightful blog post or comment and immediately lost it because you accidentally hit the wrong button? I do that all the time! I can’t tell you how often have I lost a good hour … Continue reading

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