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L4D2: The Passing – Slightly Disappointing but Free

I have to add my voice to the chorus of dissapointed fan-whines you have probably seen all over the internets this week. To put it plainly the new Left 4 Dead 2 DLC was not what I expected it to … Continue reading

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I often drop the term megastructures but I’m not sure whether or not most of my readers are familiar with these theoretical science fiction constructs. So I figured I might as well post an overview of the most interesting constructs … Continue reading

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Dear lusers: learn 2 internet!

Jesus Christ, I hate stupid people. Seriously! There is nothing worse than watching an idiot try to use internet. It is a rage inducing torture if I have ever seen any. I have no clue how do some of the … Continue reading

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Technology that became obsolete within my lifetime

We often talk about the astonishing pace of technological progress, but we often fail to realize how fast it is really moving. After all, we were supposed to get jet packs, flying cars and robot butlers in the year 2000 … Continue reading

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Response to Critics of my Movie Criticism

Lately I realized that a lot of people out there don’t agree with my movie reviews. Especially folks who know me IRL seem to be somewhat baffled by the amount of venom I spew out on their favorite flicks. I … Continue reading

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Let’s Learn LaTex: Part 3

Welcome back to my Let’s Lern LaTex series. I haven’t done any of these posts in a while, but that doesn’t mean i gave up on the idea. Today I want to show you lists which interestingly enough work very … Continue reading

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How to portray hackers in the media

I spend a lot of time complaining about Hollywood movies on this blog. Especially about the way it portrays technology which is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. There are several posts here that complain about … Continue reading

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What’s with the banana icons

Pop quiz: did you notice the tiny 16×16 banana icons in the comment threads? I have added them about a week ago and was wondering if anyone will notice anything. Few people did. I explained this in the comments before … Continue reading

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The Witcher: More Reflections on the Game

Basically I have two reflections about the game. Note that this post may contain mild spoilers for the first act of the game. After playing the game for a while I noticed that the developers really put a lot of … Continue reading

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Some stats and stupid search queries people use to find this site

The other day I was staring at my Google Analytics page looking at the page stats. I was wondering whether or not there was a dip in number of visits lately because I noticed some drop in comment frequency lately. … Continue reading

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The Witcher: Buffs Done Right

I have many complaints about The Witcher: the combat system sucks, the UI is poorly designed, the movement and character animation is glitchy, the writing and voice acting leaves a lot to be desired, the plot seems to be an … Continue reading

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The Witcher: First Impression

You know, the funny thing about Witchers is that they were originally supposed to be called Hexers – at least according to the the author who invented them. Personally, I always mentally translated the name as Warlocks but that’s just … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 2: Mini Games

I think I have already milked Mass Effect 2 dry in the last couple of weeks. The amount of words I expelled upon this blog talking about that game is probably reaching obscene levels. I wasn’t going to post anymore … Continue reading

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Exchanging Files Over the Network the Easy Way

The age old problem: how do I send you these files with the least amount of effort. Have you ever been is this situation? You need to send bunch of files to another person sitting 3 feet away from you. … Continue reading

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Dell Next Business Day Warranty Isn’t

In the past I often defended Dell support on the grounds that while they are technologically inept, their warranty support is actually useful for part replacement. My usual experience with them was rather positive and it would usually go like … Continue reading

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Please stop destroying my TV

I don’t actually watch TV much. That is, I don’t veg out on the couch and stare at the tube for hours on end. When I come back home from work, I relax by typing a lot of badly spelled … Continue reading

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Armchair Game Design: Hitman Sandbox RPG

Every once in a while I like to dream up cool video game ideas. You know, stuff that I would love to play but no one has made yet. Unfortunately, I don’t have time, experience or resources to develop these … Continue reading

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Ubisoft DRM: Was it really a failure?

When I first wrote about the AC2 fiasco I thought it would actually serve as an example against annoying, anti-consumer DRM. It made perfect sense. Ubisoft seemed to dig it’s own grave by making their single player game require constant … Continue reading

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