Some stats and stupid search queries people use to find this site

The other day I was staring at my Google Analytics page looking at the page stats. I was wondering whether or not there was a dip in number of visits lately because I noticed some drop in comment frequency lately. That and the time between I get money from adsense seems to be longer these days. But I think it is probably just my imagination. The graph I got from Analytics shows that my traffic has been very consistent for the past year:

Page hits per day since Jan 2009

The regular dip pattern you see is the weekend slump. Since there is no new content here on the weekends, and a lot of people choose to sleep in, or do stuff away from the computer on their days off this is to be expected. Still, despite the dips and spikes, the traffic is remarkably consistent usually staying above 1500 and often approaching 2000 hits per day. If you graph it by month, the peaks and valleys even out giving me almost a straight line with a slight upward tendency:

Page hits by month since Jan 2009

Most of my traffic is from search engines, which is to be expected. 10% of the visits however seem to be direct traffic – which I’m guessing is you guys – the regulars:

Traffic Sources

That 30% of referred traffic is actually pretty interesting in itself. Here is the breakdown:

Top Reffering Sites

One thing I don’t get about this chart is why Google and Google images are shown here, and not in the search engines section. Sadly, I know why Google Images is my top referrer. It’s because that one time I posted a picture of Olivia Munn in the princess Leia slave costume. Oh, and there is also that picture of Power Girl lifting up Super Girls skirt. These are consistently the two most visited pages of my blog apparently. Sign… On a positive note, Reddit, Ubuntu Forums and are on this list which is nice.

Roughly 87% of people who visit this site never come back:

New vs Returning

This makes me a sad panda, but considering my traffic sources it totally makes sense. People come in for pictures of chix, see book reviews or thoughtful comment threds, suffer instant aneurysm due to accidental knowledge intake and die. Sad but true.

Now the fun stuff. First let’s look at the breakdown of visitors by their operating system:

Visitors by OS

No surprises here. We can ignore Windows on this list cause it is a given. Linux is obviously second on the list, because that’s sort of my demographic. Mac is obviously third because… Well, it’s like a candy flavored unix distro really – so we geeks have been hitting this up for several years. The SunOS hits are all Craig visiting and posting comments. As I said – not surprising at all… Wait…

Ok, which one of you is using a fucking PS3 to browse my blog? Fess up! I want to know. Oh, and stop browsing the web on your TV – it is bad for your eyes.

Here is the breakdown by browser:

Visitors by Browser

I must say I am totally disappointed in Chrome users. I was expecting you guys to come in second, but you let IE beat you to the punch. Get with the program!

Last but not least, I looked at the search queries people use to find my site. The most common ones were fairly standard and uninteresting. So I ordered them in increasing order, with the least common ones on top, which yielded some interesting results. Below I preset you with some of the more bizarre or funny queries along with my commentary:

  • ass tortures – seriously, I don’t even know how this search could have possible turned up my page.
  • gasoline and tide bomb – I was actually afraid to google that string while at work to figure what the fuck this is.
  • i can’t finish my thesis – see, this one I totally get. I’ve been there – you just have to buckle up and get it done
  • shit I’ve lost – some dude decided to google for the shit he lost, and he found my page… Interesting
  • disrobing noise – either someone was trying to spell “disturbing” and fucked it up so badly, the spellcheck changed it to disrobing or there is a noise out there that actually disrobes people. Either way, I have no clue what this have to do with my site.
  • 30 days of night sucks – I agree 100%
  • alyx fuck – I don’t even… I’m just curious as to the thought process that went into formulating this query. When I think about it, I imagine a caveman going “me like alyx… me lie fuck… me search ALYX FUCK”
  • am i the only one that wants to fuck wynne “dragon age” – first of all, ew. Second, it’s probably it’s because her body model is the same one they used for Lylianna and Morrigand. Third, ew again.
  • anakin and padme kissing fanfiction – did you mean “Star Wars Prequels”. Yeah, I agree – worst fan fiction I have ever seen. Good thing that George Lucas never made these movies.
  • anime porn smurfs – I swear, some people have weird ass fetishes. Note that this person is apparently not satisfied with the domestic smurf porn and wants to find Anime version of it. Sigh…
  • are some young people old fashioned – Um… In what sense? Old fashioned is such a broad term. I wish I knew what this person was thinking while typing this into Google. I also would like to know how that search turned up my site. Weird.
  • at night vampires walking – ok, Twilight fans, you totally need to GTFO now. I’m done making fun of your books. Scram!
  • can you spell good by this way – no, you can’t. Next please.
  • crash human brain – it took me a minute, but I eventually figured this out. This person was searching for langford baslisks. Here you go random internet person. I hope this helps.
  • diapered anime characters – why do people with weird fetishes also like anime? And why do they visit this site? Seriously guys!
  • died without a town portal torshlight – I honestly did not know you could misspell Torchlight this way. Fascinating
  • do mermaids lay eggs? – Um.. Yeah. That one time I posted this Penny Arcade strip and this is what I get. To answer your question – yes, I would assume they do. I will refer you to that one Futurama episode in which Fry tries to fuck a mermaid.
  • do mermen have penises – …. Seriously, WTF guise! This is… No, mermaids do not have penises. Mermen might but only if they are the reverse kind. I will refer you to that Family Guy episode where a reverse merman tries to fuck Lois.
  • do third generation werewolves have control over their shifting? – what? No Garrou are not permitted to mate with each other – the resulting metis breed is all fucked up and… Wait… This is about Twilight, isn’t it? GTFO!
  • does it look unprofessional to have a yahoo email address – yes it does. I hope this person read my post on this topic and learned from it.
  • don’t copy image or text on mouse right click – I really hope this person read my rants on the stupidity of right-click blocking and decided against it… Oh wait. No, people who block right click are impervious to logic.

Anyways, this is all I have for tonight. I just wanted to take this occasion to thank all the regulars (in no particular order: Alphast, Zel, Chris Wellons, Craig Betts, Matt`, Travis, Ice Brain, Dr. Azralel Todd, ST/op, copperfish, jambarama, Mart, K00pa, vacri, Ste Howarth, Gothmog, Steve/ccrassh, Naum, Stefanie and many others I’m probably forgetting at this moment – sorry) and the few people I know IRL (Jenn, Milos and James… I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting someone else) who keep the comment threads alive. You guys are great. My main form of feedback here are the comments and I appreciate every single one. Seriously – even if you don’t have anything to say, and you just drop me a note saying you enjoyed the post – it counts. It lets me know that people are reading my crap.

Oh, and if I didn’t mention your name, feel free to complain in the comments. If you are a lurker, just pop in and say hi.

Hey, that’s an idea – let’s make this the official 2010 de-lurking thread. Simply post a comment including the following information:

  1. Lurker since (yesterday, last week, forever, 100 years ago)
  2. Your favorite element on the periodic table (mine are Polonium, Magnesium and Sulfur for no reason whatsoever)
  3. Your power level: mine is over 9 thousand

Regulars can join in as well.

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54 Responses to Some stats and stupid search queries people use to find this site

  1. cody loyd UNITED STATES Google Chrome Windows says:

    i commented once before.. but i usually lurk. I get your posts through google reader.

    I’ve always been fond of helium

    power level – 27

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  2. Rob UNITED STATES Google Chrome Windows Terminalist says:

    I’m not really a lurker, but not really a regular since I don’t comment enough so I guess I’m somewhere in between.

    My favorite is gold simply because of it’s symbol: Au

    My power level is slightly less than yours at 6900 but my mana level is quite high at 52,000.

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  3. Alex UNITED STATES Google Chrome Mac OS says:

    I’ve only commented a couple times, but I’ve been a faithful terminalist for at least two years. I guess I should comment more.

    manganese. It sounds cool.

    power level: nearly 20… thousand

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  4. Mart SINGAPORE Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    Lurker since…God-knows-when. Don’t remember how I stumbled on your site, but I’m glad I did. Despite the title, it’s one of the few coherent places on the mess that is the WWW.

    Carbon & silicon. I like to think of them as not quite stable, but not quite inert either. Balance. Karma. Whatever….

    Power level: 3. Still learning!

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  5. Gothmog UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    I’m honored to be counted among the regulars! :)
    I’ve been reading your blog since late 2008, I think- I found your site through where you posted in a comment somewhere.

    I’ve always been particular to Molybdenum, myself. It’s great on crackers!

    I’ve got to be powerlevel 9000+ as well- what with all the lusers I fight on a daily basis.

    Seriously, Luke- I love your particular flavor of nerd-rage filled posts! Keep em up!

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  6. Andi UNITED STATES Google Chrome Windows says:

    Randomly moved to post something. I might never come back, but I can at least remember that all I have to do is search for diapered anime characters to find this site again.

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  7. Zel FRANCE Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    Did you know your blog is the fifth result in Google for “terminally”, and the sixth for “incoherent” ? A few more efforts and you’ll beat dictionaries and wikipedia.

    Favorite element : Ununseptium
    Power level : -1

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  8. Reacocard UNITED STATES Google Chrome Linux says:

    I also follow via Google reader. So at least some of your regular readerbase is being referred from google.

    Lurking duration… since sometime mid-2009. But I read through all the archives before i started following. >.>

    Favorite element – Lithium. Just add water!

    Power level: sqrt(-1)

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  9. Hector SPAIN Google Chrome Linux says:

    Lurker for quite a long time… though I’ve commented a few times I usually don’t. But I did whitelist this place on my addblock :-)

    Favorite elements… Selenium (Se) and Argon (Ar), for no particular reason. Oh, and I am sorry to repeat, but Polonium triggers some nice personal memories.

    Power level: –

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  10. Stefanie BELGIUM Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    I started reading your blog a little over a year ago I think. I was trying to find out why my LaTeX figure numbers where messed up and that’s how I got here :-) I also use Google Reader (feedly), does that count as a search engine?

    My favourite element is definitely Natrium.

    I’m a PhD student so my power level is nonexistent.

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  11. Not Lurker since 2008 or so.

    Sodium, Aluminium and Ununtrium for no spesific reasons.

    Power level: 7

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  12. Also; you need to detect the Nintendo DS family OS’es. :p

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  13. Do you get spam referrers in your logs? Google Analytics might filter it out for you if you don’t see them. You know, some bot comes by and provides a fake referrer header listing a website that sells certain pills. To me it seems the type of people checking their referrer logs aren’t going to be the type to fall for spam, so I wonder how profitable it could be.

    I especially like it when the referrer line is a comma-separated list of URLs, which, you know, browsers never do. What spammer came up with that one? It just makes it easy to filter them out.

    I also want to apologize for not being part of most of your data. I block Google Analytics because I don’t want Google following my surfing. :-) Your last few posts were mostly on gaming and as I’m not a big gamer I tend to skip those, so that leaves out my comments.

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  14. copperfish Mozilla Firefox Linux Terminalist says:

    There’s me the regular Firefox Linux user, but I really have to comment on your bizarre search queries. Those had me unsure of whether to laugh or run screaming from the interwebs – “anime porn smurfs” – really?

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  15. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Linux Terminalist says:

    @ cody loyd:

    Helium… Hmm… I just re-red your comment imagining it is spoken in a helium voice. :P

    @ Rob:

    Actually, I see your comments here quite often. I’d consider you a regular. :)

    @ Alex:

    I was about to post “I think it’s spelled magnesium” but then my brain clicked in. Heh…

    @ Mart:

    Mart, seriously – we need to work on that power level of yours. For starters I would suggest that you KILL 10 RATS. They are 10xp each and there is a 1-10 chance that one of them will drop an enchanted plate armor.

    Quest Reward: 10gp, Potion of Power (+100)

    Once you do that I have more quests for you. Like killing 10 dire rats, 10 giant rats, etc…

    @ Gothmog:

    Shamus is my idol. I wish I could be as productive as he is. The man is a blogging, comic making, video game playing machine.

    @ Andi:

    Aaaand now we know how you found this website in the first place. ;)

    Seriously, should I make this my new tag line or what? Terminally Incoherent – Diapered Anime Characters.

    @ Zel:

    Oh crap! Everyone, quickly link here with the word Incoherent. I want the first spot! LOL

    Then people will come here and be like “I was googling for incoherent, and what is this? Your blog actually makes sense! I’m suing you for google fraud!”

    @ Reacocard:

    That’s actually what I do to – when I find a blog I like, I read through the archives backwards.

    Also, I don’t think irrational numbers are allowed in power level. I call a HAX!

    @ Stefanie:

    PHD Student == Power Level definitely over 9000. Seriously, I want a PHD as well, but I haven’t really done anything in that direction due to that condition I have… What’s it called… Laziness. :)

    If you don’t mind me asking, what discipline are you doing the PHD in? Also, sorry for the horrible sentence structure there. :/

    @ Tormod Haugen:

    Nintendo DS runs Opera Mini? That’s awesome.

    The OS detection is done by a plugin. I’m still waiting for them to use different icons for Vista and Windows 7. :P

    @ Chris Wellons:

    Good point… Maybe I should cloak myself too. :)

    I haven’t really looked at my raw logs lately so I really can’t comment on the referrer header thing other than it being quite silly. I mean, who is going to look through their logs and go “Oh, look – cheapviagraonline.tld – let me click on that and check it out”.

    Also, if it wasn’t for video games I would be so much more productive it is not even funny. :P

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  16. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Linux Terminalist says:

    @ copperfish:

    You know what is even funnier? That person probably found a crap-ton of anime smurf porn eventually. There is porn for everything out there somewhere. Rule 34 has no exceptions

    Also, the anime smurf porn guy should totally get together with the diapered character enthusiast. They would probably have much in common. :P

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  17. toabi GERMANY Google Chrome Mac OS says:

    Lurker since… a while.

    No favorite Element. But Strange and Charm are nice.

    Power level: 0xbeef

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  18. Alex Ion BELGIUM Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Lurker for a couple of years, maybe even more… Got here looking for a Linux tutorial, I think.

    Favorite elements: Cesium and Iridium.

    Power Level – don’t know… what’s the average for a Level 14 Wizard?

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  19. Dax UNITED STATES Opera Windows says:

    I’ve commented only a handful of times, but have read the blog regularly for several years. I probably make up a decent part of the Opera user hits.

    Favorite element: Sodium. I mean you hear it and think “salt,” but it’s a soft metal that goes apeshit in water. How much cooler can you get? Well, mercury is pretty slick as well.

    Power level: 9

    Keep up the good work Luke!

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  20. Sameer Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Well consider me de-lurked :) Been lurking since a few months after I was looking for dealing with tech support frustration (I’m in the unfortunate position of teaching basic TYPO3 skills to the digitally impaired). Then I found al kinds of wonderful posts on a great number of interesting things :)

    Favorite element/ingredient: Lithium, Moonsugar

    Powerlevel: 2900 going on 3000

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  21. kuzux TURKEY Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    for some time, an image in this site was the top result for “facepalm” in google image search. For some time, i actually remembered the entire url( rthemonth/facepalm.jpg) since i used that a lot on a forum. And much later, when i ‘discovered’ the blog, i remembered that facepalm image. By the way, that facepalm image no longer shows up in google?

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  22. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Linux Terminalist says:

    @ toabi:

    LOL! 0xbeef is the best number evar! I am totally stealing it and using it when people ask me what is my favorite number. :)

    @ Alex Ion:

    Well, I’d say it may be up to a thousand points per level, depending on what kind of magic do you practice.

    @ Dax:

    Mercury is quite awesome but I am still kinda scared to go near it. My parents instilled that fear in me and my brother at a very early age. We knew that the silvery substance in the thermometers may look cool, but it is totally poisonous and not to be fucked with.

    @ Sameer:

    I had to google TYPO3. It’s a CMS, right? Or am I looking at a wrong typo?

    @ kuzux:

    So you are one of these folks that have been posting images from here on message boards. Shame on you! It’s not cool to hotlink images. ;P

    Actually, I’m happy the image led you to the blog. No clue why it’s not in the Google index anymore. It was probably #1 because people were posting it on message boards I presume – it was like a feedback loop.

    I know that I sometimes move or rename images that are hotlinked this way so that my server is not barraged by traffic from popular boards. I mean, I don’t mind if people come in droves from these places to read my posts. But if they just grab an image it just drains my bandwidth with no benefit to me.

    Then again, there might be a hidden benefit – for example you find your way here that way. :)

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  23. Sameer Internet Explorer Windows says:

    @ Luke

    Indeed it is! Open source CMS. I work for a local government institution in Holland and my job started out as an internship and evolved into the nightmare it is now :) Not so much because of TYPO3 but mostly because most of my colleagues don’t know what the word “browser” I keep referring to means. But you undoubtedly know all these horror-stories and then some :) I really enjoy coming here, always puts a smile on my face!

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  24. Athanor UNITED STATES Google Chrome Linux says:

    Lurker since sometime in 2008
    I like the programming/Linux posts. Especially the ones that are just brain dumps, so when you need to remember it in a year or so, you can just search the site.
    Rant about lusers are good too.
    Don’t care so much for the games.
    Don’t know what ‘power level’ means.

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  25. Mart SINGAPORE Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    @ Luke Maciak:

    public class QuestFromLuke {
    public static void main (String [] args) {
    Protagonist me = new Protagonist();
    boolean bSuccessful = false;

    me.equip(“Sword Of Noobiness”);

    do {
    try {
    bSuccessful = killRats(me, 10);
    } catch (Exception e) {
    finally {
    if (!me.isAlive())
    } while(bSuccessful);

    boolean killRats (Protagonist protagonist, int iNoOfRats)
    Rat [] rats = new Rat [iNoOfRats];

    if (iNoOfRats <= 0)
    throw new IllegalNumberException ();
    for (Rat rat : rats) {
    try {
    } catch (EnemyNotDeadException e) {

    if (iNoOfRats == 0)
    return true;
    return false;

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  26. Mart SINGAPORE Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    @ Mart:
    Eh, all whitespace are auto-trimmed? :P

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  27. JKjoker ARGENTINA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Lurker since … Rock paper shotgun linked to one of your articles one sunday, i read some of your other articles found them interesting and bookmarked the site

    hmm my favorite element is Molybdenum only because i never remember how to write it right and keeps showing up everywhere

    power level : 42

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  28. I’m happy to boost your pitiful Android stats. ;)

    Glad this post will boost your Google juice for smurf porn too, haha.

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  29. Eric UNITED STATES Google Chrome Windows says:

    I have enjoyed reading your blog for quite some time. I am not sure how long.

    My Favorite element is Iron (FE) … I thought about saying honda but the car is not listed on the periodic table of elements. (Honda Element)

    I have no power level.

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  30. Ron NEW ZEALAND Mozilla Linux says:

    Long time lurker (read, I have no clue how long or how I stumbled upon this), I dont believe ive posted before but its been a while I may have.

    Some really odd stuff people have found you by, wondering if there is hidden “special” pages.

    But any way thanks, I normally get a smile and/or laugh and/or intersting things to think about out of your posts and normally look forward to them

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  31. Alphast NETHERLANDS Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    I am also one the guys who actually read this from Android, sometimes. Anyway, thanks for your regular posts Luke. I really enjoy reading you, even when it’s something totally obscure for me (like python code or LaTex rants).

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  32. Macedoneus Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Posted once or twice before, been a regular for a little less than a year now I think.

    Favorite element would have to be iron and carbon, nice to work with when combined correctly.

    Power level is… huh, the scanner doesn’t go that low…

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  33. Stefanie BELGIUM Mozilla Ubuntu Linux says:

    I’m doing a PhD in linguistic typology. It’s quite theoretical, I’m doing cross-linguistic research on the syntactic representation of semantically unusual situations (inanimate forces or objects “acting” on a human, humans acting unintentionally) in different languages from all over the world.

    I forgot to mention that I always enjoy reading your posts. I just don’t comment that often because I usually don’t feel like I have anything worthwile to say. I especially enjoy your posts about LaTeX and word processors. People often treat me like an alien because I refuse to use MS Word so it’s a relief to read stuff from people who actually share my opinion on this :-)

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  34. k00pa FINLAND Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    1. Lurker since about 2 years ago.
    2. Uranium (?)
    3. Your power level: idk D:

    Keep up the good work! I really enjoy your blog.

    Just thinking, how big is your database for this blog?

    I can see that this blog is ~7 years old and there is lots of posts&comments… Something like 150-250megs?

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  35. fundamental UNITED STATES ELinks Linux says:

    Lurker since ~1.5 years ago
    Favorite element on the periodic table: Si (oh the wonders that that element has done to society)
    Power level: pi

    I think I originally found this place with the vim cheat sheet.
    (people always think I am either insane or rather efficient for using that to edit any text I deal with (slightly more when combined with LaTeX))

    Interesting site, mainly for code, rants, and insights.

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  36. jambarama UNITED STATES Google Chrome Windows Terminalist says:

    I’ve read everything in your RSS feed since your article “a day without X.”

    I think Manganese is fun to say.

    Your power level: eh?

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  37. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Linux Terminalist says:

    @ Sameer:

    Yep, browser is one of these mysterious buzzwords that most people do not understand. Soon after they released Chrome, Google did a street survey some time ago, asking people what browser do they use. Most people said they use Google. Also they didn’t know what Chrome was.

    @ Athanor:

    Power level is a meme. Google “ITS OVER 9000” and you should get many, many hits. It originated with some silly scene from Dragon Ball anime or something. :P

    @ Mart:

    Yep, you need to surround the code in pre tags like this:

         <pre lang="java">//code here

    This will switch on code highlighting and etc.

    Also, you are doing to much work:

    import mmo-grinder
    g = Grind()


    @ JKjoker:

    Rock paper shotgun linked to me? Which post?

    @ Ian G. Clifton:

    Yeah, some people will be really dissapointed when they find no smurf pr0n on this page.

    @ Eric:

    Heh! I’d accept Honda. I’m still surprised no one responded with “Fifth Element”

    @ Ron:

    No special hidden pages… Well, maybe except this one. Um… Or that one.

    Ok, so there are some hidden pages.

    @ Alphast:

    I’m planning to jump on the android boat too. I’m just waiting for Verizon to finally get one of these 1GHz phones like Nexus One or HTC Incredible or something like that.

    @ Macedoneus:

    I would lend you my scanner – it goes to NEGATIVE NINE THOUSAND but fucking Vegeta crushed it.

    @ Stefanie:

    Wow… I didn’t actually expect a linguistics person to read this blog. I seem to attract more of the CS/Science/Engineering crowd. Awesome.

    Wait… You are using me for research purposes aren’t you? Half of the stuff that comes out of my mouth (or my keyboard) can be considered semantically unusual situations. :)

    @ k00pa:

    Good question. I haven’t checked that in ages. Right now it seems to be a little bit under 162 MB. And it’s all pretty much just text. Wow…

    @ fundamental:

    Bonus +10 points for using ELinks. :) Now, do you use it on regular basis, or did you fire it up just to look cool in the comments? ;)

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  38. Jereme Kramer UNITED STATES Google Chrome Linux says:

    I’ve been lurking since I think early 2007, and I’ve commented maybe three times. Interestingly enough, I think I’ve visited here on every one of those OS’s except android. Sometimes a PS3 is all thats available.

    favorite element: Bismuth

    power level: like a thousand or something

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  39. Ben UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    So I’ve been lurking for a few months now. I came in on a search for outlook and gpg and now frequently use “No One Uses GPG with Outlook” to find my way back. Did you ever get that to install in the old style command bar? I would love to see that.

    Thanks for mentioning the adsense, I will turn mine off for this site.

    I enjoy the Linux, TeX, and M$ hate posts. Keep up the good work.

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  40. freelancer Google Chrome Windows Terminalist says:

    I’ve read all your crap since… as long as I can remember (well, since I found your site googling for Gigi Edgley stuff XD). Just often don’t have time to leave comments and then forget what I was gonna say =P Though I like to think I’ve made a few contributions =)

    I’ve always been quite fond of titanium, and my power level is 17. I think I need to recharge.

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  41. Karen UNITED STATES Internet Explorer Windows says:

    I’ve posted a few times, but I mainly lurk. Since 2006 (I found you shortly after I got back from Iraq, and that was November of ’05, so, about 4 years).

    Wow – that’s just a little creepy…

    Favorite element would be Mendelevium.

    Great site, tho. I spend (kill) a lot of time here.

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  42. JKjoker ARGENTINA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    @Luke Maciak: one of your Dragon Age ones, sorry i dont remember exactly when or if it was an article or a comment that had the link, but if it was an article it was probably one of their “Sunday morning last week digest” posts

    Reply  |  Quote
  43. ST/op DENMARK Google Chrome Linux Terminalist says:

    I suspected my son to be the one with the PS3… well, he may be the 0.157% left!

    I’ve been following your blog since late 2006. It was the “What does your browser…” stuff, I think.
    I’m honored to be credited as a regular, although I mostly lurk, hidden behind Google Reader :)

    I usually skip the gaming stuff (I’m only a sporadic gamer… too old for this shit I guess!) but I love about everything else.

    Favorite element: Phlebotinum ;)

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  44. Ido ISRAEL Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    I’ve been lurking ever since I’ve discovered the beauty of google reader…, I do hope that google will add a “comment on original site” feature…
    before that, I think I might have been called a regular.

    favourite element: Kryptonite

    power number: e^(pi * i)

    iirc, I came by to this blog through a python link a few years back

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  45. Pranav Shah INDIA Google Chrome Windows says:

    I have been a regular since ur first ever post drawing patterns of people based on browsers they use. Sometime in 2006 i guess. Posted comments very infrequently, but been regularly watching this space via feeds. this is one of my top 5 blogs on the whole god-damn interwebs :P

    fav. elements wud be oxygen and silver.

    stuff i care for on ur blog is the way u rip apart drm and make fun of the slow ppl who hate computers. posts tht i dont care much about are some of the games u play and describe in painful detail, but its ur thing… i just kinda skip those posts, sometimes they are fun too.

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  46. smcquay UNITED STATES Google Chrome Linux says:

    lurking since google reader recommended you (<2yrs)


    power level: 3

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  47. Matt` UNITED KINGDOM Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    I don’t think I am a lurker, having commented a fair number of times… but am I a regular? I don’t know… I read regularly enough (by regularly I mean “whenever my RSS reader tells me to”) but comment less often now.

    Favourite elements… titanium, francium, berkelium. No particular reason.

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  48. Tino UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux Terminalist says:

    I come and go. I guess I am attracted by certain types of headlines in rss like a fly. Though, this is probably the blog I post the most comments on, so, I kind of see myself as a semi-regular :). Thanks Luke for all the entertainment over the years.

    Power_level: Aleph one

    Favorite element: Titanium

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  49. Mats Rauhala FINLAND Google Chrome Linux says:

    OHAI, I’m a lurker with sporadic contributions. I’ve read the blog since around 2007 or 2006, one of those console articles probably. Read the entire blog afterwards and enjoyed the IT and RPG genres, computer gaming not so much.

    Power level: 200 sqrt(2026) atan(1/45)
    Favorite element: Manganese; Manga, get it? <.<;

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  50. fundamental UNITED STATES ELinks Linux says:


    I would say a bit from both categories.
    I do use elinks on a regular basis (eg look up some reference material for coding or do localhost stuff on remote machines (through ssh)).
    I did originally see this article in konqueror though.

    While on the subject of this browser, it seems to be one of the best text based browsers.
    Good rendering, javascript [I think], color variation, good shortcuts, tabs.
    If I really wanted to I could even sorta have images on terminals with aalib.

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  51. Adrian BELGIUM Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I’ve been reading for about six months or so.

    I like Cd, Tc and Rh. (Cadmium, Technetium and Rhodium.)

    I’m no (super) Saiyan. I do have 845 points into agility, strength and intelligence.

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  52. Martinho Fernandes PORTUGAL Google Chrome Windows says:

    I’m now officially de-lurked. I found this because someone linked in The Daily WTF forums to the post where someone sent you a log file as a screenshot pasted on a Word document. I am still reading through the archives. :)

    Favorite element: unobtainium.

    Power level: 23.

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  53. DDay UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I’ve been lurking since 2007. I can’t remember How I came across this site. Probably either something about MySQL or that post about tv tropes. I love the book and movie reviews and tech tips as well as the random ranting. I’m not a big gamer so I tend to skip over the game reviews.

    Also, I managed to get my hands on a copy of Morrowind just yesterday so I’ll probably give it a try sometime.

    Favourite element: Surprise

    Power level: panel 3 here:

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  54. Atlantiz GERMANY Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Found this site today via StumbleUpon, Bookmarked it immediately :)

    Fav. Element: Californium (sounds like beach and the like)

    Power Level: 1336 (soon…!)

    Greetings from Germany :)

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