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Future of the Desktop Market

I mentioned this before: desktop computers are quickly becoming an endangered species seen only on corporate campuses. Laptops, which are still the mainstay of the industry are slowly losing ground to ultra-portable tablet devices. Everyone seems to agree that future … Continue reading

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This is why we can’t have nice things – a response to Jeffrey McManus

Some of you have probably heard about the University of Florida scandal by now. If not, here is a quick recap: they axed their Computer Science Department, fired everyone they could, publicly humiliated the tenured professors they couldn’t fire and … Continue reading

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How to think like an Orc

I often rag on Fantasy for being a genre populated solely by novels derived almost directly from either the writings of Tolkien, Robert E. Howard or hybridized from both. The fact that I am critical of it, does not mean … Continue reading

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The Age of Fan Funded Products

When I was a teenager, Kickstart meant something different than it does today. If you told a younger me about a webpage known as Kickstarter, I would most likely assume it had something to do with Amiga Kickstart – the … Continue reading

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The Scar by China Miéville

China Miéville is probably most known for his oddball Fantasy/Steampunk novels. I reviewed the first one of them Perdido Street Station a while ago. You may remember that I liked it – or rather appreciated it for what it was … Continue reading

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Pitfalls of WYSIWIG: Self Publishing Hell

At the beginning of March, Shamus Young published a very interesting bog post about his adventures in self publishing. It gives you a glimpse of what exactly does it take to publish your own book these days the internet way. … Continue reading

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Why you should be excited about 0x10c

By now, I think all of you probably know about 0x10c. If you haven’t heard about it, here is the scoop: Notch, the creator of Minecraft has a brand new game in the pipeline. It’s a space sim with Minecraft … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 3: A Re-Write

Mass Effect 3 Spoiler Warning Please note that this post may contain some spoilers for Mass Effect 3 ending. Actually it contains a lot of spoilers, along side with wild speculation and bunch of “what if” theorizing. So if you … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 3: Ending

Mass Effect 3 Spoiler Warning This post contains massive end-game spoilers for Mass Effect 3. If you have not played the game yet, and you wish to do so in the future, turn back now, before you find out how … Continue reading

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Mass Effect 3: Difficult Choices

Mass Effect 3 Spoiler Warning Note, this post contains massive spoilers for Mass Effect 3. If you have not played the game yet and you don’t want to be spoiled, turn back now. I like video games that force you … Continue reading

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Jumping in Video Games

Jumping in video games is important. As a gamer I think I always knew this, but never actually realized how crucial it is to overall experience until Steve Yegge pointed it out in his long article about Borderlands: Jumping is … Continue reading

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Why certain text editors make you more productive

Here is an uncomfortable truth: some text editors will make you more productive than others. You can argue this back and forward, but you know it is not a lie. It is quite possible to write all your code in … Continue reading

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Nifty Vim Tricks

Two weeks ago I explained to you why I use vim. Last week, I taught you how to configure it. This week I want to talk about something different: power user stuff. Let’s talk useful vim tricks. Everyone amasses an … Continue reading

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