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The Price of Immortality: beware what you wish for

I asked her if she would like to live forever. She said no. They all say no. Why is that? We have all been brainwashed. Human society has been coping with death and loss for so long, that it became … Continue reading

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My Teaching Blog

I don’t have the best track record establishing new blogs, but I just made another one. Yes, I know I have been completely neglecting Limelog for about an eternity and a half. I just ran out of shitty movies to … Continue reading

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Using Vim and Cygwin

One of the great things about Vim is how nicely it integrates with the Unix shell. I love the fact that all the cool unix commands are only a few keystrokes away. For example, when writing README or HOWTO files … Continue reading

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Diamond Age by Neil Stephenson

Oh, you liked Anathem by Neil Stephenson? You should totally read Diamond Age, they told me. It’s his best book yet, they told me. You know what? That’s bullshit. Diamond Age is nowhere near as good as Anathem. You see, … Continue reading

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Set up a home linux server for $30 with PogoPlug

What if I told you that you can set up a low powered, virtually silent, fully functional linux home server for only $30 (not including shipping)? Because that’s exactly what I just did. I set up a home server for … Continue reading

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The Digital Lifestyle

Once upon a time we used to do Secret Santa thing at work. It was mostly a perfunctory thing, that no one really treated seriously, except for the 2 or 3 people who came up with the idea and actually … Continue reading

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About that one time when I found my dad’s magazine collection

Once upon a time when I was digging through the junk in the attic and found my dad’s “magazine collection”. I view that event as one of the pivotal moments of my life. It was an experience that changed me … Continue reading

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Transhumanity Starts Now

We live in an unprecedented time – a time of brave discovery and forging ahead towards the great unknown. Those of us who are alive right now, or waiting to be born in the next decade or two will be … Continue reading

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The Lynx Experience

We currently live in a brave new world of HTML5, AJAX and dynamic scripting. Most browsers, including those on low powered phones are able to render complex web page layouts and handle asynchronous requests and client side post-processing. But what … Continue reading

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How do you read your ebooks?

Ebooks are mainstream, at least here in the US. Or rather in the US I know from personal experience. Here in the hustle and bustle of New Jersey e-book readers are swiftly becoming as ubiquitous as cell phones. To wit, … Continue reading

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Vim is a usability nightmare

About two weeks ago I got scolded by someone on Twitter for corrupting the young impressionable minds by advocating and evangelizing the use of Vim as a text editing and programming tool. It sparked quite an interesting discussion, and in … Continue reading

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Technology Brings us Closer

I honestly don’t know where do the normal folk get their notions about technology. They must be talking about this stuff on Faux News or some other low brow TV shows because I keep hearing people mouth the same tired … Continue reading

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