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The Postmortal by Drew Magary

If you know me, you probably realize I’m a firm believer in the fact that aging is a disease that can, and should be cured. Our short lifespans and high reproductive rates have been instrumental in getting us where we … Continue reading


My Dwarfs are Different

In most fantasy settings Dwarfs are brave trustworthy and honorable but a wee bit greedy and selfish. They are known for never breaking their oaths, and always making good on their promises and also for holding life-long grudges against those … Continue reading


Software does not age, it matures

There is an old joke that goes like this: what is the main difference between hardware and software? When you use the hardware for a very long time, it eventually wears down and breaks. When you use software for a … Continue reading


Oxford: Critical Support Failure

Back in November I wrote a piece on mobile tools for college students. In it I named Google Drive to be one of the most useful resources available. Because of it’s ubiquity (work on every computer and mobile device) and … Continue reading


What is your favorite build tool?

Whenever you are working on a programming project, chances are that there is some sort of tedious manual thing you are going to be doing in order to compile it or prep it for release. Compiling the project is usually … Continue reading


Safety not Guaranteed

A small town newspaper publishes a strange add in it’s classifieds section. It is one of those odd-ball ads that usually end up on reddit where they are proved to be internet jokes, or just silly pranks made by the … Continue reading


Capacity by Tony Ballantyne

Here is a very poignant question: what happens when you digitize a human mind and then bootstrap it and run it as a self aware software entity? How that virtual person relate to the original physical person from which it … Continue reading

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What is the deal with the Line Endings

Most seasoned programmers are keenly aware of the way different platforms encode line endings in text files. Novice coders and non-technical folk however are often taken completely by surprise by it. In a layman’s world the problem of line termination … Continue reading

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Modern Front End Development

Whenever you sit down to create a new website (or a web project), there is usually a litany of things you need to do before you can start hacking. And I don’t include brewing a strong cup of coffee in … Continue reading


You should probably update your website…

Here is something you may or may not know: people judge you based on the domain name associated with your email. Not all people, mind you – just some. I do for example, which should be more than enough reason … Continue reading


The King of Pain (Król Bólu) by Jacek Dukaj [part 3]

Welcome to the third and final installment of the exhaustive review of this remarkable (and remarkably long) book. The Social Tragedy of Post-Scarcity Imagine a world in which nano-assembly has been perfected and made super cheep. Imagine a nation in … Continue reading

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