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Random musings on the nature of the future, technological singularity, transhumanism and similar topics. This is where I contemplate the directions in which we are taking our civilization, and where I point out instances where yesterday’s science fiction becomes modern day reality.

Medium, Mobile Technology, Louis CK, Hole in Chest

I have a Medium now, I guess. I’m told that’s what the cool kids do. Actually, I got it because I like to try new things. It’s kinda like with Pintrest. When I signed up for it, everyone was like … Continue reading

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Fading into Obscurity Faster than Facebook

Here is an interesting turn of phrase that I heard used in an actual conversation the other day: it is fading into obscurity faster than Facebook. One would think that this should be considered a bit of an oxymoron, because … Continue reading

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Hacking Human Memory

Human brain is a wonderfully complex apparatus that we have yet to learn how to replicate and out-perform in-silico. But it is not perfect. Our memory for example is rather unreliable and hard to manage. While memorizing data comes relatively … Continue reading

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