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Java Based SVN Client

I use a nice dual CPU Sun JDS as my main development workstation at school. My mentor got it on a grant, and I get to mess around with it as I work on my thesis. This machine is so … Continue reading

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Firefox Crop Circle on Google Maps

Remember that Firefox Crop Circle I posted about some time ago? Guess what? I found it on Google maps! click on image to see this in google maps How awesome is that? [tags]firefox, crop circles, firefox crop circle, google, google … Continue reading

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20 Things on the Internets that Piss Me Off

There are things on the [tag]internets[/tag] that piss me off these days: [tag]Online Comic Strips[/tag] without a functional [tag]RSS feed[/tag] (and no, the feed for your Live Journal does not count, unless it notifies me when you update your comic) … Continue reading

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