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Java Based SVN Client

I use a nice dual CPU Sun JDS as my main development workstation at school. My mentor got it on a grant, and I get to mess around with it as I work on my thesis. This machine is so … Continue reading

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Firefox Crop Circle on Google Maps

Remember that Firefox Crop Circle I posted about some time ago? Guess what? I found it on Google maps! click on image to see this in google maps How awesome is that? [tags]firefox, crop circles, firefox crop circle, google, google … Continue reading

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20 Things on the Internets that Piss Me Off

There are things on the [tag]internets[/tag] that piss me off these days: [tag]Online Comic Strips[/tag] without a functional [tag]RSS feed[/tag] (and no, the feed for your Live Journal does not count, unless it notifies me when you update your comic) … Continue reading

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The Comments I get…

You may or may not know that I used to run a Gigi Edgley fan site. It was long time ago, in ancient times, back when you could get good quality web hosting for free (unlimited free hosting and badnwidth … Continue reading

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Howto: Access a POP3 Mailbox as a Filesystem

Have you even needed to delete bunch of emails queued up on a POP3 server without actually downloading them? Sure, you could just telnet to port 110 and start deleting them manually, but what if you are dealing with hundreds … Continue reading

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Explanation of the US Flag

US flag explained: found @; click to enlarge Come on! You know this is true! This image is part of a large campaign created by Grande Reportagem, a Portuguese news magazine. The creative team used the colors that appear … Continue reading

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Best Garfield Strip Evar!

This actually made me chuckle out loud: found on the internets; author unknown; click for full size The only funny Garfield strips are the ones which have been somehow altered from the original. :mrgreen: [tags]garfield, comic, humor, funn, buttsecks[/tags]

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Video Game Theme Song Covers

I don’t usually post about music or interesting bands here, but I figured that I make an exception for these guys. Mike from emailed me today letting me know about The Kode. It is a band which specializes in … Continue reading

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.5

This morning I decided to upgrade my wordpress version to 2.0.5. The whole thing went smoothly, but several of the plugins which require you to actually edit some of the WordPress files broke. I think I fixed all of them, … Continue reading

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The Hobbit Hollywood Style

Recently I mentioned that Peter Jackson will not be doing The Hobbit. Today User Friendly has posted a brilliant comic accurately capturing my worst fears regarding that movie: comic © I think I would have to kill myself if … Continue reading

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WTF of the Week

I’m filing this under random and wtf because… Well, see for yourself: found @ That dude with the big hair – what movie is that from? It looks really familiar, but I just can’t figure out where did I … Continue reading

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Super Heroines

This is totally random, but here: found @; click for full size original I think Power Girl is suffering from some sort of boobsplosion syndrome, but other than that it’s an awesome wallpaper image. I’m not really up to … Continue reading

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Best Chase Sequence Evar!

I think this might be the one of the best running chase sequence I have seen on film: Youtube Link This scene is apparently from Luc Besson’s movie District 13. I haven’t seen it, but after seeing this clip I’m … Continue reading

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Fire Prisms FTW!

Over the holidays me and my brother were playing a lot of Dawn of War over the LAN. Its tons of fun even though I’m getting my ass royally kicked cause Ark has beat this game like 7 times by … Continue reading

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Someone Built IT!

Remember that South Park episode in which Mr. Garrison builds his IT machine? I think someone in real life had a similar idea: images found on internets; authors unknown – please claim if yours I just found this amusing. With … Continue reading

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TV LINKS was Shut Down by MPAA

TVLINKS – an awesome link site was shut down by MPAA and forced to relocate to a server in Netherlands. From their website: TVLINKS has been forced to switch data center’s from MPAA threats. Now we need your help. Please … Continue reading

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The $100 Xbox Sale Killed Amazon Servers

You might have noticed that the widely hyped $100 Xbox sale at Amazon did not go as planned. Under the combined effect of digg, slashdot and many simillar sites, their servers buckled, caught on fire and died. It’s a shame. … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Have an awesome Thanksgiving! comic © extralife Here is a small request. Can we try for once go through the whole holiday without some jackass whining about the poor turkeys getting killed? I swear – every year without fail, someone … Continue reading

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Sawyer may be Gambit in a next X-men move!

It’s not official or anything, but rumors say that Josh Holloway (to most people known as Sawyer) may be playing Gambit in the next X-men movie. No one knows if it’s going to be X4, Wolverine movie or some other … Continue reading

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Pirate Song Strikes Back

Normally I do not mind people direct linking stuff from my site, but recently I noticed that the pirate song started to pop up on various blogs and message boards. Please note that I’m not the author of that file … Continue reading

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Peter Jackson is not doing The Hobbit

Peter Jackson said he will not be involved in the production of The Hobbit. Apparently PJ did not want to commit to do the movie until his lawsuit against New Line is resolved. He was offered a settlement in exchange … Continue reading

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Samsung A670 – Sync with PC

I managed to successfully sync up my Samsung A670 phone with my WinXP desktop today. This is important to me because I’m planning to get a new phone and I needed some efficient way to transfer my contacts and pictures … Continue reading

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PS3/Wii Lines are like Night and Day

I was talking with one of my coworkers today, who camped out all night for the Wii with his two sons. He described is as a fun experience. Supposedly people in the line were really nice, and polite. People were … Continue reading

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Firefox 2.0: Add/Remove words from the Spellcheck Dictionary

My only gripe about the built in Spellcheck utility in Firefox 2.0 is that there is no interface for managing your custom dictionary words. FF will allow you to add a word to your personal dictionary, but there is no … Continue reading


Mounting Windown 2k3 Share in Ubuntu Dapper

If you are using Dapper, Brezzy or Hoary you may encounter similar problems when dealing with Win2k3 shares. I got the following error when trying to mount a share using smbfs: # mount -t smbfs //server/share /mnt -o username=user cli_negprot: … Continue reading

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