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This is exactly how I feel:

Hehe: comic ©; click to enlarge Damn Santa… [tags]thesis, research, comics, phd, school[/tags]

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Cut a 9V bettery to get bunch of a AAAA’s

I’m filing this under “cool shit I didn’t know about”. It turns out that if you cut a standard 9V Duracell you will get 6 small 1.5V battery cells which are essentially your standard AAAA batteries: images © Interesting. … Continue reading

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MySQL no Longer Provides Free Binaries

This is really sad, but it appears that MySQL will no longer provide free binaries for their Community branch. From what I understand, the Community version will continue to be released as normal, and distributed under GPL, but MySQL will … Continue reading

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Top Villain of 2006

And the top villain of 2006, according to the Associated Press poll is: found @ George Dubya! It’s funny how he beats the combined score of Osama, Saddam, Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong and Satan himself. In related news, South Park … Continue reading

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Torrentspy is monitored by Copyright Thoughtpolice

My coworker just got a nasty letter from his ISP (optonline) accusing him of copyright infringement. It turns out that his kid got caught downloading some warez from one of the trackers indexed by Torrentspy. Conclusions are simple: someone is … Continue reading

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Bash Lotto Lookup

My dad likes to play the NJ Lottery. He usually buys Mega Million tickets, and then forgets to check if he won anything. So every once in a while, he asks me to look up the numbers for a certain … Continue reading

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Conflicted Characters == Good TV

You have to admit that Starbuck is going off the scale in the BSG personal issues department lately: comic © But here is the thing… Conflicted characters make for good TV. This is because usually having well defined, conflicted … Continue reading

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Burning .RMVB files to VCD/DVD

The other day I got bunch of media in the RMVB format. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s for a reason. By definition, anything that comes out of Real usually sucks. This format is no different. You know that … Continue reading

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Political Correctness during Christmas

It so happens that bunch or major religions celebrate some sort of holiday around the same time in December. But that whole or “Season’s Greetings” thing is just annoying. I’m just going to go ahead and wish all you people … Continue reading

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December Summary

Fairly accurate of what is on people’s minds this December: image © elephantitis of the mind Yes, I saw that video on Youtube. And on about 27 blogs that I subscribe to. And in most LJ communities. And on people’s … Continue reading

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Why you should not be excited about Vista

The news about Vista release is seeping through to the collective consciousness of the unenlightened masses. Usually when the common folk hears something about new technology thing, they seek out their local techno-magi to ask them questions about it. So … Continue reading

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Idiot Judge Rules Against Direct Linking

The Robert Davis vs SFX case might just be the dumbest, court case of the year. Here is the skinny on the case. Apparently SFX has an inept, incompetent, and most likely retarded webmaster who can’t figure out how to … Continue reading

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Teaching GPG to the Masses

Public key encryption is awesome – it’s a fact. The only problem with it is that no one sans few security geeks ever wants to use it. Most people’s adventures with email encryption starts when they download and install gpg … Continue reading

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Dentists is teh Suck

Here is a tip kids. Go to the dentist before your teeth start hurting. Don’t do what I did, and wait till the last minute. Otherwise you are in for a fun ride. I think the hole in my tooth … Continue reading

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Two Factor Security

Two factor security is great on paper, but often it turns out to be a major pain in the ass for the users. You wouldn’t think that carrying a small RSA token would be much of a problem. But for … Continue reading

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Latex: Numbered Subsubsections

LaTex lets you break the document down into chapters, sections, subsections, subsubsections and paragraphs. By default subsubsections and paragraphs are not numbered or included in the table of contents. Sometimes this might be desirable. However, I usually find that in … Continue reading

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New Yahoo TV Listings

I absolutely hate the new Yahoo TV Listings page. Usually, when you use some spiffy AJAX to dynamically load content it improves user experience. But somehow Yahoo web design team found a way to make it do exactly the opposite. … Continue reading

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A Scanner Darkly

I finally saw it. Here is the review: A Scanner Darkly I never really finished the Philip K. Dick novel, on which this movie was based. I remember starting it, and then for some reason putting it away half way … Continue reading

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3 AM Windows Reboot

Yesterday I felt like crap. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately so I decided to call it a night and went to bed early. I think I fell asleep the instant my head hit the pillow. Only to be … Continue reading

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Comment Spammers Suck

I’m currently being hit by some sort of Zombie swarm averaging 20-30 posts a day. They are all coming from different IP’s and trickle in at different times. There are maybe 5-6 different patterns that repeat over and over again, … Continue reading

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Windows Vista: Truth in Advetising

This is what we call truth in advertising: found @ I think there are only 3 groups of people who are really excited about Vista: Microsoft Marketroids, Clueless Microsoft Fanbois and Malicious Mallware Writers. No one else seems to … Continue reading

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How do you spell goodbye?

Apparently there are some people out there who can’t spell the word “goodbye”. These people somehow get jobs, in bakeries doing lettering on cakes: click on thumbnails to enlarge I don’t know what to say about this… Is it to … Continue reading

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Don’t Grep the Cat

It has come to my attention that some of you whippersnappers out there are greping the cat. I hope you know that greping the cat is totally not appropriate. I would say it’s just plain wrong, and you all know … Continue reading

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You know you’re a geek when…

You know you are a geek when you take one of these stupid online “are you a geek?” quizzes someone forwarded to you, and you get a perfect score: I can’t tell if this is a good thing or a … Continue reading

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Inline Spellcheck in Kile

Can someone explain to me why Kile still doesn’t have inline spell checking capabilities? Recently, this feature has become an ubiquitous utility, and it’s presence in Firefox 2.0 really drives the point home. If my web browser can correct my … Continue reading

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