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Online Celebrity status and Social Engineering: Ze Frank Steals Your Facebook

Most of you probably know about Ze Frank. If you don’t you should go and watch The Show right now. It was one of the most insightful, hilarious and nutty online shows that I have ever seen. It was not … Continue reading

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Stupid Monsters of D&D

I never played D&D. This is probably due to the fact that I grew up in Poland where D&D and AD&D manuals were not easily available. Besides, we had a home grown clone called Kryształy Czasu (Crystals of Time) had … Continue reading

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MS Office Addiction

I prefer to use specialized tools that were designed to perform a specific job, rather than universal tools that claim they can be adapted to perform a multitude of tasks. While in many cases they are perfectly serviceable, I usually … Continue reading

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What’s in your Quick Launch Toolbar / System Tray

It’s time of yet another show and tell moment. It always interests me to see what people have in their quick-launch tool bar and/or system tray. I know, not all of us use these things. I remember quite a few … Continue reading

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The Incredible Hulk (2008)

When I reviewed Iron Man last week I mentioned I will be watching The Incredible Hulk next. Surprisingly I did not completely hate it, but sadly it was nowhere near as good as Iron Man. After Ang Lee’s artsy, fartsy … Continue reading

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The Watchmen Trailer

I know that this is probably all over the internet right now, and it not news anymore, but holly shit! The Watchmen trailer! Holly shit! I must post about it: Watching the trailer literally gave me chills and made me … Continue reading

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Our Next President Should be a Hacker

I think that the perfect kind of a leader for our country – for any country – would be a hacker. And when I say “hacker” I don’t mean “computer criminal”. I use it in its original meaning. To me … Continue reading

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WoW: The Running Game

A while ago Shamus posted a list of his WoW Nitpicks. Since I agree with most of them I’m not going to repeat them here. I just wanted to add few little nitpicks of my own. I still like the … Continue reading

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What is your homepage?

I’m actually quite amazed how many people out there cling to the ancient idea of a “home page”. I’m sorry, I’m amazed how many people who use modern browsers still use “home pages”. IE users of course have no choice. … Continue reading

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Iron Man

Ever since Iron Man came out everyone kept telling me how unbelievably awesome it was. Best thing since sliced bread! Best super-hero movie ever made EVAR! LIKE OMGZ! So I watched it… Before I begin, I have to confess some … Continue reading

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For the past few years I have been running some software on a WIMP stack. They have been working quite well. I never had any issues with the technology stack itself. Or rather the only issues I had at times … Continue reading

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Horde or Alliance?

When you create your World of Warcraft character you must pick which of the major factions you want to belong to: the Horde or the Alliance. Or rather, the choice is implicitly made by picking the race of your character. … Continue reading

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WoW UI Add-Ins

In the past I blogged about the excellent mods for Morrowind. It would be amiss, if I neglected to do the same for WoW which is also modable. Well, sort of. When you buy Morrowind or Oblivion you get Betsheda’s … Continue reading

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Designing a Better Binary Clock

I have a nice little binary clock from ThinkGeek standing on my desk. It is a silly gadget, but as any geek I lust for this sort of things. Awesome little toys which remain incomprehensible and mysterious to mere mortals. … Continue reading

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Hancock is a great example of how Hollywood can take a simple and yet brilliant idea, combine it with great special effects, great acting, flawless execution and totally fuck it up in the third act. I have been excited for … Continue reading

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Blizzard Won’t Transfer My Character

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post. As you may know, me and Blizzard have a sort of rocky relationship. First they locked my account, then I said I will never play WoW again, then I reconsidered. I was … Continue reading

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I’m Giving Blizzard One More Chance

I know that said I will not play WoW, but the game was simply calling to me. So I decided to give it one more chance. I’m still not happy with how Blizzard handled my case, but my previous post … Continue reading

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That’s Because You Can’t Bullshit Science

An interesting tidbit of pseudo-scientific news from Durham University researchers think that physics, chemistry and biology are a grade harder than drama and media studies and three-quarters of a grade harder than English at ‘A-level’, roughly equivalent to high … Continue reading

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What is the point of explicit typing again?

I’m noticing that C# 3.0 has implicit type declarations which is actually a very interesting step to make this language look less like a cheap Java clone. It is a very neat feature that lets you declare your variables like … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day everyone! Have fun, stay safe and avoid blowing yourself up with fireworks! Don’t forget what this day is really about. It is about commemorating the bravery of the two great men who saved our planet. If I … Continue reading

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The name of your first pet is to short!

I previously ranted about strange password restrictions that disallow usage of special characters such as spaces or alphanumerics. This time I want to complain about another boneheaded security feature out there – word length restrictions on your “secret” password recovery … Continue reading

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Blizzard Doesn’t Want Me to Play World of Warcraft

Back in the day I did my 10 day World of Warcraft trial and blogged about it. If you recall, I was able to convince myself that WoW was not for me in the end. Then recently I started having … Continue reading

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The Death of CAPTCHA

For a while now we knew that CAPTCHA‘s were becoming irrelevant. There were a great solution when they were first introduced, but I think that everyone knew that they are not going to be around for a long time. The … Continue reading

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