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Two Programming Polls for the Weekend

Fridays are usually reserved for my entertainment/fun stuff posts and I was initially supposed to post a review of something or other, but I got lazy. So instead I decided to to a poll. It is also a nice choice … Continue reading


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving folks! Today’s post is postponed due to laziness and family related activities. Also, I need a better Thanksgiving meme to post here. In the meantime here is the good old Sesame Street one: Happy shopping tomorrow! I’m sleeping … Continue reading


Free Email Services Look Unprofessional

I can’t help it, but every time I see a yahoo or hotmail email address on a resume, or a piece of official correspondence I cringe. It just looks incredibly unprofessional and tacky! I’m sorry if that offends you in … Continue reading


Serializing Javascript Objects into Cookies

A while ago I mentioned that my school gives students and faculty Novel NetDrive accounts. This means we can all publish simple websites on their service, but get no server side scripting. This makes that space great for teaching students … Continue reading


Worrying Trends

Video game market has two big segments. On one hand we have the console market (Xbox, Playstation, Wii) and the PC market. The console segment is doing great and is constantly growing and going through changes. Wii for example was … Continue reading


The Happening

I want to know who made the trailers for The Happening. That guy needs an award! Or at least a raise, and his own corner office with a window (or two). I usually consider people who work in marketing as … Continue reading


Virtual Workspaces

I was going through my Google Reader recently and I saw this post about workspaces and started thinking. Didn’t I do a post like that before? I mean, I probably had to, right? Out of all the topics out there, … Continue reading


Dell Latitude D520: The Case of a Missing DIMM Socket

Ah the joys of IT work. They never end. Even if you want them too. Even if you pray that they stop, they chase and hunt you down and make you fix stuff. Today I solved the case of a … Continue reading


Groundhog Day Plan

A while ago we talked about surviving a zombie outbreak. While zombie events are not only very rare but also completely fictional, it does not hurt to have a plan just in case they happen. As it turned out, quire … Continue reading


On WoW and MMO Questing Paradigm

Hey, have you heard about that world. That world of war and craft? Yeah, I’m sick of that world. I’m getting out. I seriously haven’t launched WoW in probably over a month now and I feel no urge to. I … Continue reading


Revisiting Serenity

As you may, or may not know I have been watching Firefly lately. Actually, watching is the wrong word here. I have been savoring them. Normally when I find a show that I really like I gorge on it like … Continue reading


Email Signatures… 5 Lines or Less!

I really think that Microsoft needs to include a new “feature” in Outlook which would restrict email signature to at most 5 lines of text. You really do not need more than that to list your name, job title, company … Continue reading


Python, Telnet and GUI-fying Legacy Apps

Today I want to talk about telnet. Yes, telnet is stupid and you should use ssh. Sometimes you can’t though. For example if there is some old legacy app that is sitting on some remote server that is not even … Continue reading


Maybe the Backup Problem Will Resolve Itself In Time

I keep saying this over and over again but it is like speaking to a wall. The most valuable piece of technology related advice I could EVER give to anyone in my lifetime is probably this: BACK UP YOUR DATA … Continue reading


First Programming Language – Python/Ruby?

A little while ago we had an interesting discussion on what programming language should be taught to CS majors. I think that overwhelming number of people agreed that C++ is a solid choice because provides students with a very solid, … Continue reading


Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

Sequels always suck. No exceptions. Lord of the Rings is not an exception to this rule, because while it is broken up into 3 parts, it is really a single movie. It was shot and produced as a whole by … Continue reading


Post a Comment, Win a Free Book

Recently Adam Kahtava had a free book giveaway on his blog. I was the lucky winner! The prize was a copy of Javascript: the Good Parts by Douglas Cockford (you can read Adam’s review here). I don’t think I have … Continue reading


I have my own domain squatters

The other day I got the following email. Curiously, Gmail did not flag it as spam which it probably should. Before you read it though, I strongly advise against actually going to the website. It is seriously NSFW. And … Continue reading


Academic Advising Facepalm

My lovely university never ceases to amaze me. Every semester without fail, they do something so monumentally stupid that I can’t help but go: This has been going on since my freshman year. So 4 years of college, 2.5 years … Continue reading


Windows XP Downgrade Fees are Bullshit

I was buying some new computers for work recently and I actually almost laughed at the newest OEM bullshit that is being pulled by Microsoft. But let me back up a bit. My workplace is a windows shop. I’d say … Continue reading